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Religious Studies News & Events

Religious Studies News & Events

  •  Class of 2012 Award Recipients

    Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2012

    We would like to congratulate the award recipients of class 2012. The St. Clare Medal was awarded to Tanya Schmidt and the Nobili Medal was given to Drew Hodun. Also in recognition of their outstanding contributions to serve through their work with marginalized and under-served populations outside of the University community the Richard J. Riordan Award was presented to Jahayra Molina and Zena Andreani.

  •  Summer '12 Course Offerings

    Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2012

    Please Consider: RSOC 54: Comparative Religion, Social Theory, & Film and other great summer sessions courses!

    RSOC 54
  •  Do Most Catholic Theologians Support Same Sex Marriage?

    Tuesday, Jun. 19, 2012

    Prof. Frederick Parrella was recently featured in "The Daily Beast" for his views on same sex marriage. Parrella said he sees growing support for same-sex marriage among his Catholic students, and that he himself finds “nothing in the Gospels” that should lead the church to oppose its legalization.

    Click here to view the entire article.

  •  Transubstantiation Is Not a Train in Russia

    Sunday, Jun. 10, 2012

    RS Spring Speaker Series Presents:

    Transubstantiation Is Not a Train in Russia

    Speaker: Professor Gary Macy

    Wednesday, May 16, 12:00pm

    Kennedy Commons

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