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"What will you do with a Religious Studies Major?" your exasperated parents might ask. Many of our majors have had that experience.

Judging from what our majors have done with an RS major, the possibilities are almost limitless. Many have gone into high school teaching, law, politics, governmental agencies like the diplomatic corps, journalism, human resources, communication and marketing. Some others have pursued vocations in non-profit management, church ministry, counseling, and social service work. Still others, whose curiosity about religion and theology was whetted as an undergraduate, have gone on to earn graduate degrees in the field and pursue careers in university teaching and research.

Because the RS major only requires 9 courses (43 units) beyond the core requirements, it is common for our students to double or even triple major in order to develop complementary skills for their future careers.

This part of the web site is intended to help you imagine, prepare for and enter the afterlife of an RS major. We've developed a list of possible careers that would utilize your degree, and we've compiled resources to help you plan for grad school.


Graduate School: An Application and Survival Guide

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