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Welcome to the Local Religion Project! LRP assists faculty in designing courses and assignments that engage students with local religious communities. The Project also provides a place for students to share the results of their research and experiences in field studies. Or a place to explore the diverse religious organizations across the Silicon Valley. Looking for a place to worship or perhaps a location to visit for a class? Look no Further.

LRP is a resource founded by the Religious Studies Department that offers descriptions of courses who require field studies of local religious organizations as well as a massive database of hundreds of these organizations. Check out LRP Sites, a new feature of the database that links student to the home page of the religious site, as well Yelp links to user reviews. The new database takes the hassle out of finding a new place of worship or a good experience for visitors.

Entirely new courses have been created, e.g., Religions@Silicon Valley in 2006, or Catholics Worlds of the Valley in 2007; and existing courses, e.g., Science vs. the Bible: the Genesis Debates have added projects in which students document how what they read in the class texts plays out in local communities.  LRP is developing grant proposals seeking foundation and government support to develop LRP's resources and curriculum work.

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