Santa Clara University

<h3>Ramadan Tishri</h3>

“Muslims and Jews at SCU”
Thursday, September 29, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in Sobrato Commons.


Please join us for a panel of Santa Clara University faculty, staff and students next week as we open the series, Ramadan/Tishri: Celebrating Muslim and Jewish Holy Months in Fall 2005. The series seeks to honor the coincidence of these two important religious holidays within the same month by highlighting shared histories, commonalities, and efforts at dialogue among Muslims and Jews.


Our panelists for next Thursday are:
Saddeka Arebi, Religious Studies
Mostafa El-Kassed, Information Technology
Alma Garcia, Sociology-Anthropology
Daniel Pitt, Dean of Engineering
Ferheen Siddiqui, undergraduate student/Muslim Student Association
Katie Wampler, undergraduate student/Jewish Student Union

The event was held in four parts 1) A member from each club took turns standing on stage and relating the history of their tradition and the way it is practiced today. 2) The Muslim students were called to prayer, they prayed inside the Bronco, as others were invited to watch and say their own prayers. 3) Everyone was invited to eat dates and treats to break the fast with food and drink. 4) As everyone was eating Professors and students interacted and spoke not only about religion but shared interests and concerns.


This event is free and open to the public.


This program is possible through the financial support of the President’s Office, the Provost, Campus Ministry, and Music at Noon. Other sponsors include the Jewish Student Union, MSA, Xavier and Loyola RLC’s, the Religious Studies Department, and the Local Religion Project.

Interested? For further information, contact Profs. Baker ( or Riley (

<h4>Student Reflection</h4>

This event was a fun gathering intended to encourage friendly dialogue between Jewish and Muslim students. A representative from both the Jewish Student Union and the Muslim Student Association spoke to promote a joint understanding their traditions. This information was brief, yet the conversations held after the breaking of the fast provided opportunities for questions.

The event was very short, yet it encouraged everyone talking and having a nice time breaking the fast together. It was amazing that the Muslim students bravely prayed in the middle of the Bronco, as there were other students (not participating) watching what was going on. Misconceptions about Islamic prayer are common and it was wonderful to see them praying in such a public space. Santa Clara University is often seen only as a Christian environment and the Muslim Student Association and Jewish Student Union are forced to work hard to make their identities and culture heard.