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Religious studies faculty began designing research projects on local religious communities and organizations—and in some instances, sought internal and external grant funding to support their work—in 2003. This section of the website outlines the rationale for this facet of LRP, provides brief overviews of current projects, and includes copies of grant proposals, conference presentations, and publications since faculty began this work in 2003.

The objectives of LRP’s faculty research program are:

  • Encourage Santa Clara faculty to develop research projects on faith communities and organizations in the local region by providing access to LRP documentary research materials, help with grant proposals, and assistance preparing undergraduate students for field research.
  • Promote the scholarship of teaching and discovery (Boyer) focused on the unique opportunities Silicon Valley offers for the study of religion.
  • Develop resources for faculty, students, civic organizations, media, religious leaders, et al related to religion in the Silicon Valley.
  • Leverage internal funding of small research projects into external funding for large projects.
Wat Buddhanusorn, Fremont
Wat Buddanusorn, Fremont



Intended to be illustrative rather than restrictive-- for Santa Clara faculty interested in the LRP faculty grants and research program are as follows:

  • Research should include a focus on the Silicon Valley region
  • Projects should have the potential to involve undergraduates as research assistants
  • Collaboration among faculty at SCU as well as scholars and leaders in local institutions and communities beyond SCU should be a consideration in the research plan
  • Projects requiring funding should develop a strategy and time line by which to move from internal start up funding to external foundation support
  • It is expected that projects have the potential for one or more of the following: scholarship (presentation at conferences and eventual publication); practical benefit to organizations or leaders in the local community; resources for curriculum pedagogy development at SCU and beyond.

Future research directions include faith-based social capital development, representation of religion in local media and public squares, and religion on the campuses of local universities. LRP continues to seek internal and external grants to fund this program and to encourage broader participation of students, SCU faculty, and affiliated scholars in this work.

To learn more about our research initiatives, please see the LRP faculty's projects below.