Santa Clara University

<h4>Comparative Contemplative Practices in the Valley</h4>

A project begun in 2006 with three related goals: document the variety of contemplative practices found in communities throughout the Bay Area; have masters from select communities instruct SCU students as part of a course in religious studies; and develop protocols and resources for students in SCU classes to meet and discuss contemplative practices with students and participants in local communities. This project is partially funded by a Bannan grant. A presentation was made at the AAR Western regional conference in March, 2008; and two presentations have been given to the SCU community. Currently researchers are studying journals kept by students who were taught meditation by local masters in two different classes and developing categories by which to analyze their experience with contemplative practice, and are working on a publication on the pedagogical aspects of this project. For further information, contact Prof. Sarita Tamayo Moraga.

<h5>Conferences and Presentations</h5>