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<h3>Research Assistant Position Description</h3>

Local Religion Project
LRP Research Assistant
Job Description
2007-08 Academic Year
(pbr 9/14/07)


The Local Religion Project (LRP) conducts research and supports teaching on the diverse religious landscape we have here in Silicon Valley.  LRP research assistants supports that work in a variety of ways, from collaborating on research projects with faculty to virtual (website) and non-virtual (cabinets) filing and organizing of the materials LRP collects.

<u>Job Description</u>

Responsibilities fall under one or both of these headings.

<u>Documentation and Website Development</u>
  • organize materials collected over the past four years (e.g. student projects in introductory and advanced religious studies classes, photos and site descriptions by past research assistants, media coverage of local sites, items from local congregations);
  • edit and prepare materials for posting on the LRP website
  • identify those requiring further research to complete LRP’s documentation of sites, and/or new sites in the area
<u>Faculty Research Program Support</u>
  • participate in field research, transcribe interviews, complete literature reviews, write/edit  texts, etc.
  • assist faculty with multimedia work—e.g. videotaping, editing, etc.

Research assistants have access to the LRP office in the Religious Studies Department’s Old Mission House (553 Franklin St). Depending on the research assistant’s focus, the director, associate director, or LRP faculty will serve as their supervisor.

Time:    on average, 6-10 hours per week


The ideal candidate is one who can work independently, takes an interest in the LRP, has very good oral and written communication skills, knows (or at least is familiar with) Microsoft Excel, has experience with website development or an inclination to be trained.  Being an organized and reliable worker is important..  Eligibility for Work Study is a plus.