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Biblical Archaeologist
BS 620 .A1 B5
Well-illustrated academic/popular review of topics in archaeology related to the Bible, written by leading archaeologists in the field; continued in Near Eastern Archaeology. Published quarterly by the American Schools of Oriental Research, Boston, MA. 1938-1992.
Biblical Archaeology Review
BS 620 .A1 B52
Well-illustrated popular review of topics in archaeology related to the Bible. Published bimonthly by the Biblical Archaeology Society, Washington, DC. 1975-.
Creation Research Society Quarterly
BS 651 .C7a
Popular magazine that advocates biblical view of creation and evaluates scientific research against the belief. Published three times a year by the Creation Research Society, St. Joseph, MO. 1964-.
Greek Orthodox Theological Review
BX 200 .G7
Academic journal dedicated to promoting theological study and scholarly discussion regarding the Orthodox Church, its history, theology, and liturgical practice with emphasis on the Greek Orthodox Tradition. Published quarterly by the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, and Hellenic College, Brookline, MA. 1954-.
Israel Exploration Journal
DS 111 .A1 I87
Academic journal with articles on archaeology in Israel and the Near East. Published by the Israel Exploration Society and the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University, assisted by Nathan Davidson Publication Fund in Archaeology, Samis Foundation, Dorot Foundation, and P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds Inc., Jerusalem, Israel. 1869-.
Journal of Roman Archaeology
DG 11 .J7
Academic articles, archaeological reports and notes, and responses. Published annually by Journal of Roman Archaeology L.L.C., Portsmouth, RI. 1988-.
Le Monde de la Bible
BS 410 .M62
Popular magazine discussing history, art and archaeology related to the Bible; new series that continues La Bible et Terre Sainte. Published five times a year by Bayard-Presse, Paris, France. 1977-.
Near Eastern Archaeology
BS 620 .A1 B5
Academic updates on Near Eastern archaeological evidence and interpretations; continues Biblical Archaeologist. Published quarterly by Cadmus Journal Services for the American Schools of Oriental Research, Baltimore, MD. 1938-.
Revue de Qumrân
International academic journal dedicated to the scientific study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and related archaeological and historical issues; articles in English, French, German, and occasionally Spanish and Italian. Publish ed quarterly by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/J. Gabalda, Paris, France. 1958-.
The Second Century
Only current issues of JECS are available
BR 165 .S42
An academic journal of early Christian studies; renamed Journal of Early Christian Studies in 1992 (see above). Published quarterly by The Second Century Journal, Inc., Malibu, CA. 1977-1992.


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