Santa Clara University


Tenth Annual

Scholarly Achievement Celebration

College of Arts and Sciences
Santa Clara University

November 20, 2008

Celebrating exceptional academic achievement among faculty
of the College of Arts and Sciences

Matthew Bell, Psychology -- Bell, M.C., Gomez, B. E.*, & Morgan, K.* (2008). "Signals function as conditioned reinforcers during resistance to change in a multiple schedule". Behavioural Processes, 78, 158-164,Dulaney, A. E.* & Bell, M. C. (2008). "Amount of reinforcement, resistance to change, and generalization decrement". Behavioural Processes, 78, 253-258, and Bell, M. C., & Gomez, B. E.* (2008).  "Effects of unsignaled delays to conditioned reinforcement in chain schedules on resistance to change in a multiple schedule". Behavioural Processes, 77, 343-350.

Marc Bousquet, English --How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation.  New York University Press, 2008.   

Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Biology -- Dahlhoff, E. P. and N. E. Rank. 2007. "The role of stress proteins in responses of a montane willow leaf beetle to environmental temperature variation". Journal of Bioscience, 32 (3):477-488, and Rank, N. E., D. A. Bruce, D. M. McMillan*, C. Barclay* and E. P. Dahlhoff. 2007. "Phosphoglucose isomerase genotype affects running speed and heat shock protein expression after exposure to extreme temperatures in a montane willow beetle".  Journal of Experimental Biology, 210: 750-764.

Kelly Detweiler, Art and Art History -- Art Exhibits at Yeoungchun Art Studio, Yeoungchun City, Republic of Korea May 13- May 26 2008,  Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea May 14- May 20 2008, and Banasil Culture Center, Daegu, Korea May 15-May 26, 2008.

Diane Dreher, English -- Your Personal Renaissance: Twelve Steps to Finding Your Life's True Calling.  Da Capo Press, 2008.

Laura Ellingson, Communication -- Engaging Crystallization In Qualitative Research: An Introduction.  Sage Publications, 2008.

Eileen Razzari Elrod, English -- Piety and Dissent: Race, Gender and Biblical Rhetoric in Early American Autobiography.  University of Massachusetts Press, 2008.

Don Fritz, Art and Art History -- Art Exhibits at Yeoungchun Art Studio, Yeoungchun City, Republic of Korea May 13- May 26 2008,  Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea May 14- May 20 2008, and Banasil Culture Center, Daegu, Korea May 15- May 26, 2008.

Steven Gelber, History --Horse Trading in the Age of Cars: Men in the Marketplace.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.

Leslie Gray, Environmental Studies Institute -- Moseley, William and Leslie Gray. Hanging by a Thread: Cotton, Globalization and Poverty in Africa.  Athens and Uppsala: The Ohio University Press and The Nordic Africa Institute, 2008.

Ron Hansen, English -- Exiles (novel).  Farrar, Straus and Giroux.  2008.

Mary Hegland, Anthropology -- Mary Hegland, Zahra Sarraf, MD and Mohammad Shahbazi, "Modernization and Social Change: Impact on Iranian Elderly Social Networks and Care Systems," Anthropology of the Middle East 2(2): 55-74, 2008.  Oxford, New York: Berghahn Journals, "Esmat Khanum and a Life of Travail: 'You Yourself Help Me, God.'" In Francis Trix and John Walbridge, Editors, Muslim Voices and Lives in the Contemporary World. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 57-68. 2008, and "A Discourse of Complaint: Precursors to a Mass Women's Movement in Tajikistan?" in L'Homme, Volume 18, Special issue on Gender Politics in Central Asia, Historical Perspectives and Current Living Conditions of Women, 47-65. 2008.

Teresia Hinga, Religious Studies -- Teresia Hinga, A.N. Kubai, P. Mwaura, and H. Ayanga, Editors.  Women, Religion and HIV/AIDS in Africa:  Responding to Ethical and Theological Challenges.  Pietermaritzburg, South Africa:  Cluster Publications, 2008.

Francisco Jiménez, Modern Languages and Literatures -- Reaching Out, Houghton Mifflin, 2008. 

Diane Jonte-Pace, Religious Studies -- Diane Jonte-Pace, Bill Parsons, and Susan Henking, Editors, Mourning Religion.  University of Virginia Press, 2008

Tracey Kahan, Psychology -- Bulkeley, K., & Kahan, T. L. (2008).  "The impact of September 11 on dreaming," Consciousness and Cognition (2008), doi:10.1016/j.concog.2008.07.001, and Baker, F. C., Kahan, T. L., Trinder, J., & Colrain, I. M. (2007). "Sleep quality and the electroencephalogram in women with severe premenstrual syndrome." Sleep, 30(10), 1283-1291.

Gary Macy, Religious Studies – The Hidden History of the Ordination of Women: Female Clergy in the Medieval West.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2007. 

Michelle Marvier, Biology -- Marvier, M., Y. Carrière, N. Ellstrand, P. Gepts, P. Kareiva, et al. (2008). "Harvesting data from genetically engineered crops." Science 320: 452-453, Tallis, H., P. Kareiva, M. Marvier and A. Chang (2008). "An ecosystem services framework to support both practical conservation and economic development." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105: 9457–9464, and Duan, J. J., M. Marvier, J. Huesing, G. Dively and Z. Y. Huang (2008). "A meta-analysis of effects of Bt crops on honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)." PLoS One 3(1): e1415. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0001415.

Barbara Molony, History -- Barbara Molony, Editor, Asia's New Mothers: Crafting Gender Roles and Childcare Networks in East and Southeast Asian Societies.  Kent, UK: Global Oriental, 2008.

Catherine Murphy, Religious Studies -- The Historical Jesus for Dummies.  Hoboken: Wiley, 2008.

Fayeq Oweis, Modern Languages and Literatures -- Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists: Artists of the American Mosaic.  Greenwood Press, January 2008.

Elizabeth Radcliffe, Philosophy -- Elizabeth S. Radcliffe, Editor.  A Companion to Hume.  Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2008.

Craig Stephens, Biology -- Awarded a 3-year $379,146 grant from the National Science Foundation for "Function of LacI-type transcription factors in Caulobacter."

SunWolf, Communication -- Peer Groups:  Expanding Our Study of Small Group Communication.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2008, and Practical Jury Dynamics 2:  From One Juror's Trial Perceptions to the Group's Decision Making Processes.  Charlottesville, VA: LexisNexis Publishing.

Nicholas Tran, Mathematics and Computer Science -- Awarded a 3-year $127,821 grant from NST for "A Complexity-Theoretic Foundation for Digital Watermarking Systems."

Justen Whittall, Biology -- Awarded a $546,050 grant from the National Science Foundation (Co-PI Matt Carlson ) for "Flower Color Evolution in the Arctic: Integrating Genomic Research and Undergraduate Education in Polar Environments."

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