Santa Clara University


The Faculty - New

The faculty of the college embrace their vocation to be teaching scholars at Santa Clara University. At the heart of this calling is a commitment to discovering new truths about the world - whether as students of human cultures or of the natural world.

Their research takes place under the rubrics of a variety of disciplines and, more and more often, at the intersection of two or more disciplines and methods of inquiry. Research and creative expression occur in research labs, in art studios, in archives and libraries, in the field and in human communities. Our faculty discover new knowledge and make it accessible not only to their students but to their peers at other universities and to the public at large. They do so in a variety of forms: presentations at academic conferences of national and international learned societies, peer-reviewed books and journal articles, juried shows and exhibits, roundtable discussions and public fora.

As a Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition, we embrace wholeheartedly the pursuit of knowledge for the good of all, with all of the rights and privileges assured by the values of academic freedom. At Santa Clara, as Father Paul Locatelli noted in his 2004 convocation address, “scholarship [involves] a dialectic between thinking critically and acting ethically, between faith and developing cultures, between personal interests and emerging global realities.”

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