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Faculty Grants
Naomi Levy (Political Science)
Naomi Levy has received $98,678  from the Office of Naval Research's Minerva Initiative to support an expansion of her project entitled, "Public Service Provision as Peace-building:  How do Autonomous Efforts Compare to Internationally Aided Interventions? " This expansion funds a team of undergraduate summer research fellows, who will be gathering secondary data and processing qualitative interview data collected by the PIs in Laos, Cambodia and Uganda. It will also fund a workshop of subject matter experts to be held at SCU during the coming academic year.
Kristin Kulas (Physics)

Funder:  Universities Space Research Association (Prime Contract with NASA)
Amount: $8,269

Under the direction of Dr. Kulas the SCU student will be trained in how to reduce and analyze a set of Keck/MOSFIRE observations acquired in May 2014. The goal of the research project is to understand the role magnetic fields play in how stars form.

Chad Raphael (Communication)

chadraphael2At a time when political gridlock has paralyzed Washington and left many Americans wondering if there is any way to tackle complex national issues, Communication Prof. Chad Raphael points to civic forums as way to break deadlock and rejuvenate democracy. 

Raphael examines the role forums can play in Deliberation, Democracy, and Civic Forums (Cambridge University Press), a book he co-authored with Christopher F. Karpowitz, co-director of the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy and associate professor of political science at Brigham Young University.

“Our research identifies many successful examples of political deliberation in well-designed forums where citizens and officials engage in give-and-take discussion and arrive at solutions. These forums have developed ‘participatory budgets’ in many cities, energy policy in Texas and Nebraska, community policing in Chicago and much more,” Karpowitz and Raphael wrote in a recent CNN editorial. “Some of these forums are healing the rotting roots of democracy.”

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