Santa Clara University


Ninth Annual
Scholarly Achievement Dinner


College of Arts and Sciences
Santa Clara University


November 27, 2007


Celebrating exceptional academic achievement among faculty
of the College of Arts and Sciences during academic year 2006-07.


Gerald L. Alexanderson, Michael and Elizabeth Valeriote Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and Peter Ross, Mathematics and Computer Science – Alexanderson, Gerald L., (with Peter Ross), The Harmony of the World/75 Years of Mathematics Magazine. Washington, D.C. Mathematical Association of America, 2007.

Katherine Aoki, Art & Art History – “Construction of Modern Girlhood: Glamour Rules,” a solo show at Humboldt State University; “Passage to Kawaii,” a solo show at LMAN Gallery in Los Angeles; Artist Residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, May-June 2007.

Michelle Burnham, EnglishFolded Selves: Colonial New England Writing in the World System. Lebanon, NH: Dartmouth College Press, 2007.

Barbara Fraser, Theatre & Dance – “Breast Entanglements,” a play produced by Serendipity Productions at Ventana del Soul in Austin, Texas, October 27-November 11, 2006.

David Gray, Religious Studies The Cakrasamvara Tantra. New York: Columbia University Press, 2007.

 Leslie Gray, Environmental Studies Institute – Awarded a $129,608 grant from the National Science Foundation for “Cotton, Poverty, and the Environment in Burkina Faso.”

 Mary Hegland, Anthropology Women of Karbala Moving to America,” in Kamran Scott Aghai. Editor. Women of Karbala: Ritual Performance and Symbolic Discourses in Modern Shi’i Islam. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2006 and “Iranian-American Elderly in California’s Santa Clara Valley,” in Haideh Moghissi. Editor. Muslim Diaspora: Gender, Culture and Identity. New York: Routledge, 2006.

 Josef Hellebrandt, Modern Languages & Literatures – Josef Hellebrandt and Adrian Wurr. Editors. Learning the Language of Global Citizenship: Service-Learning in Applied Linguistics. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing, 2007.

Francisco Jiménez, Fay Boyle Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures and Alma Garcia, Sociology – Francisco Jiménez, Alma Garcia, and Richard Garcia, Ethnic Community Builders: Mexican Americans in Search of Justice and Power. Lanham, MD: Alta Mira Press, 2007.

Peter Kareiva and Sean Watts, Environmental Studies Institute – P. Kareiva, S. Watts et al. “Domesticated Nature: Shaping Landscapes and Ecosystems for Human Welfare.” Science 316 (2007): 1866-1869.

Lisa Kealhofer, Anthropology and Environmental Studies Institute – Awarded a  $160,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for “Iron Age Economics in Anatolia”

Michelle Marvier, Environmental Studies Institute and Biology – M. Marvier, P. Kareiva et al. “A Meta-Analysis of Effects of Bt Cotton and Maize on Non-target  Invertebrates.” Science 316 (2007): 1475-1477

Michael McCarthy, S.J., Religious Studies and Classics – “Religious Disillusionment and the Cross: An Augustinian Reflection,” Heythrop Journal 48:4 (July 2007): 577-592 and “‘We Are Your Books’ (Sermo 227): Augustine, the Bible, and the Practice of Authority,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 75:2 (June 2007): 324-352.

Gerald McKevitt, S.J., Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J. University Professor of History Brokers of Culture: Italian Jesuits in the American West, 1848-1919. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2007.

Catherine Montfort, Modern Languages & Literatures – Editor. Women in French Studies 14 (Special Edition, Fall 2006).

Timothy O’Keefe, History – Donald Jordan and Timothy J. O'Keefe. Editors. The Irish in the San Francisco Bay Area: Essays on Good Fortune. San Francisco: Irish Literary and Cultural Society, 2006.

Thomas Plante, Psychology – T. Plante and C. Thoresen. Editors. Spirit, Science, and Health: How the Spiritual Mind Fuels Physical Wellness. Westport, CT: Praeger/Greenwood Press, 2007.

Russell Skowronek, Anthropology – Russell Skowronek and Charles Ewen. Editors. X Marks the Spot: The Archaeology of Piracy. Gainesville, FL: University Presses of Florida, 2007; Russell Skowronek and Elizabeth Thompson Situating Mission Santa Clara de Asís: 1776-1851, Documentary and Material Evidence of Life on the Alta California Frontier. Berkeley, CA: Academy of American Franciscan History, 2006.

Steven Suljak, Chemistry – Awarded a $193,930 grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund “AREA: Aptamers to Distinguish Functional Modifications of Target Proteins by Affinity Probe Capillary Electrophoresis.”

Nancy Unger, History – “The ‘We Say What We Think’ Club: Rural Wisconsin Women and the Development of Environmental Ethics,” Wisconsin Magazine of History vol. 90, no. 1 (Autumn, 2006): 16-27 and “Teaching ‘Straight’ Gay and Lesbian History,” Journal of American History 93 (March 2007): 1192-99.

Keith Warner, OFM, Environmental Studies Institute Agroecology in Action: Extending Alternative Agriculture through Social Networks. Cambridge:  MIT Press, 2007.

Michael Whalen, Communication – Documentary film “Fresh Women” selected for the Houston International Film Festival, April 2007 and the AFI / Discovery Channel Documentary Festival, June 2007.

Justen Whittall, Biology – Justen Whittall and Scott Hodges, “Pollinator shifts drive increasingly long nectar spurs in columbine flowers,” Nature Vol. 447, No. 7145, pp. 706-709.

Betty Young, Physics – Awarded a one-year $224,375 NSF subcontract from Case Western Reserve University for “Super CDMS 25 Kg Experiment” and a $71,309 NASA subcontract from Lockheed Martin for “Aluminum Manganese TES Development for large Scale Arrays of Microcalorimeters.”

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