Santa Clara University

Sociology department

 Regina Davis-Sowers

 Department of Sociology
 Office: O'Connor Hall 302
 Phone: 408/554-4510


Dr. Davis-Sowers' research is in the areas of the study of family roles, causes and prevention of domestic violence, the meanings of humor in black cartoons, sexuality and sexual practices, and the black family. She has published in The Journal of Sex Research and Sexuality and Culture. Her latest published work, "It Just Kind of Falls into Your Hands": Factors that Influence Black Aunts' Decisions to Parent Their Nieces and Nephews", can be found on the Online First website for Journal of Black Studies. In 2009-2010, she received a Faculty Student Assistant Research (FSRAP) award for research on the meanings attached to humor in black cartoons. She is preparing a second article for consideration on the experiences of black aunts as parents to nieces and nephews. She plans to write a book on the subject in the near future.  

At Santa Clara, she teaches Principles of Sociology, Social Problems in the U. S., Sociology of Family, Self-community, and Society, Quantitative Methods and Applied Statistics, and Analytical Frameworks and Conceptual Approaches.


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