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Tuition & Billing

Prepayment Requirements: Beginning June 15, 2015, students are required to prepay for any new enrollment request. Students with past due balances will also be required to pay their past due balance and prepay for any new enrollment for the current session. Guaranteed funds (cash/cashier's check) may be a requirement of the prepayment process. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $609 per unit. This is a REDUCED tuition rate.

Number of Units   Tuition Cost           Number of Units  Tuition Cost                 
 1  $609          11  $6,699
 2  $1,218  12  $7,308
 3  $1,827  13  $7,917 
 4  $2,436  14  $8,526
 5  $3,045  15  $9,135
 6  $3,654  16  $9,744
 7  $4,263  17  $10,353
 8  $4,872  18  $10,962
 9  $5,481  19  $11,571
 10  $6,090  20  $12,180

Application Fee: All non-SCU and non-degree seeking SCU students must pay a non-refundable $80 application fee.

Deposit: All non-SCU, non-degree seeking SCU, and incoming SCU Fall 2015 transfer students must pay a $2,436 (4 units) deposit before registering for classes.  The deposit is credited toward tuition and is refundable to the extent that the student qualifies for a tuition refund under the summer refund policy.

Late Payment Fee: a $75 late payment fee and a hold that prevents registration and/or enrollment changes will be assessed to the student for every month the balance remains unpaid. 

Tuition Deadline 

All tuition and fees are due by the 21st of every month for all charges billed. The payment deadlines are available on the Bursar's Website,

Online statement notifications are sent to the student's SCU email address. Students should review their monthly online statement.  

Billing, Payment Process and Refund Policy 

Information about billing, payment process and refund policy is available on the Bursar's Website, 

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