Santa Clara University

Women's & Gender Studies Program

Women's and Gender Studies Awards

Mary Gordon Essay Prize

The Mary Gordon Prize awards excellence in feminist scholarship produced by a graduating Women’s and Gender Studies major or minor. The prize is named for Professor Mary Gordon, the first director of Women’s Studies at Santa Clara University, and is funded by her daughters, Alexandra and Eve Gordon, in honor of their mother’s interest in and distinguished contributions to women’s issues, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and Santa Clara University.

2015- Sally Ulmer

2014- Laurel Bettis
2003- Katlyn Moran
2012- Nicole Mathwich
2002- Alicia Ross
2011- Danielle Vermazen
2001- Kara T. Thompson
2010- Maryam Rangwala
2000- Shilpa Arora
2009- Deepti Shenoy
2000- Kara T. Thompson
2009- Krystal Wu
1999- Shilpa Arora
2008- Jessica Coblentz
1998- Maria del Socorro Casaneda
2007- Megan Feldmar
1997- Maureen McDonnell
2007- Christina Arrington
1996- Perlita Dicochea
2006- Courtney Marunda
1995- Carrie Hemphill
2005- Emily Lewis
1994- Francesca Godi
2004- Crystal Tapiador
1993- Stephanie Schindler
2004- Claire Riecke
1992- Rachael Barnett

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Nina Leibman Essay Competition

Undergraduate students are invited to submit essays and articles addressing the general topic of Women and Creative Expression. The essay or article might consider contributions made by women (or by an individual woman) to a particular creative field, including literature, fine or performing arts, or mass media. It might explore how women have been represented in a particular time period, genre, or medium, and how those representations could both reflect and shape a culture’s ideas and attitudes about women. The winning essay examines an issue of significance in a complex and thoughtful manner and will be characterized by clear, engaging, and graceful prose. Deadline is Monday, April 6th, 2015.

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Sisterhood is Powerful Award

Recognizing a faculty or staff member who has made important contributions to the status of women at SCU.

2015- Juliana Chang
 2003- Diane Jonte-Pace
2014 -Janet Flammang
2002- Rosa Guerra-Sarabia
2013- Lester Deanes
2001- Helene Lafrance
2012- Ruth Davis
2000- Linda Kamas
2011- Eileen Elrod
1999- Jo Ann Vasquez
2010- Laura Ellingson
1998- Ann Beyer
2009- Roseanne Quinn
1998- Alma M. Garcia
2008- Phyllis Brown
1997- Bernice B. Zamora
2007- Catherine Bell
1996- Diane Dreher
2007- Mary Ho
1995- Joanne Gainen
2006- Lisa Millora
1994- Nicole Sault
2005- Barbara Molony
1993- Elizabeth Moran
2004- Dorothea French
1992- Mary McDougall Gordon
2004- Erin Kimura
1991- Denise Priestly-Roy