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The Meaning of Solidarity

Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2010

This speech was given during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Casa de la Solidaridad.

"Sisters and brothers, for me this is a day to give thanks to God, for the opportunity to be here together again, after 10, 9, 8, 7 years….Or maybe it’s only been one year, with all of the young students from the Casa de Solidaridad. They have passed through different communities, experiencing a closeness with our humble people, with our culture, with our faith and hope that each one of the families has offered to them. What is for us, for our Christian base community, Pueblo de Dios en Camino, solidarity?

In the current global moment, solidarity should be understood not only as the capacity to respond effectively to the needs of those who suffer most, but also as the commitment to denounce those conditions that create the inequalities that victimize these people who need our help.

Solidarity means to create an integrated and permanent proposal in order to overcome, little by little, this way of life that dehumanizes us and tears down our dignity as people. In this context, the Casa de la Solidaridad is, and must continue to be, a privileged space to foster the following aspects:

  • To enable an open and fraternal cultural encounter that allows us to overcome the vision of racial, cultural, and technological inequality that inculcates us in this system.
  • To promote within the participating youth that 'solidarity' is something more than a stage in their formation, that it is a value and a practice that takes a lifetime.
  • To question those attitudes and anti-values that link us to this unjust and exclusionary system.
  • To give the communities that welcome the youth a more prominent role, allowing them to offer their particular support in the formation and the experience of a practice of an encounter in solidarity.

We thank those responsible for this program at Santa Clara University in the US , the directors here, of the Casa de la Solidaridad: Kevin, Trena, and their collaborating team, for the opportunity that they give us to share an experience of life with the young students.

Thank you to the teachers, to those responsible for the house, and to the youth who have come to celebrate this twentieth anniversary. Thank you for passing through our great country, for our people who struggle for life, for the spirit of faith that our communities transmit to the students, for the challenges and strength that our martyrs draw to them.

Thank you for getting to know us as we are and that both, you and we, leave our mark."

-Anita Landaverde from El pueblo de Dios en camino


Meaning of Solidarity