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Character Based Literacy

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     The Character Based Literacy Program is a character education project, and it is a literacy project which promotes school practices by which school pupils become good people, good citizens. CBL utilizes the English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum because literacy is fundamental to success in school and in life, for all students. It is also a natural place to pursue questions of value and character as they occur in literature and writing. This program is mapped to the Common Core State Standards in ELA. A paid subscription is required to access lesson plans and other resources. For more information or subscription inquiries, please email Kim McCauley at

  • 1RRA_1Quarter 1 - Responsibility Requires Action

    living life with responsibility every day

  • 2CRE_1Quarter 2 - Change Requires Effort

    living life with dignity and moderation

  • Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-1Quarter 3 - Leadership Requires Engagement

    engaging life fully for the common good

  • 3JRR_1Quarter 4 - Justice Requires Restraint

    living out justice for all people and the earth

  • 4CRF_2Quarter 5 - Courage Requires Fortitude

    living with courage and commitment

  • 5IRW_1Quarter 6 - Integrity Requires Wholeness

    living out integrity and reflective justice