Santa Clara University

Donor Appreciation

February 2004

The people of the Civil Society Institute expresses their deep gratitude to several individuals and foundations whose generous assistance has made CSI possible.

The following individuals and organizations have given to CSI, listed in order of lifetime contribution.

Gifts of $75,000 or more:
Warren B. Lammert

Gifts of $40,00 or more:
The Earhart Foundation
Pierre and Enid Goodrich Foundation
Community Foundation - Silicon Valley (Robert and Susan Finocchio)
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (T. J. Rodgers)

Gifts of $20,000 or more:
Linear Technology Corporation
The Greater K. C. Community Foundation (matches to contributions from Warren Lammert)

Gifts of $10,00 or more:
Chris J. Rufer
The David & Annette Jorgensen Foundation

Gifts of $2,500 or more:
Edgar M. (Ted) Buttner
The Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Gifts of $1,000 or more:
Blaine Rollins
Alex and Janet Trzesniewski

Gifts of $500 or more:
James Coffin and Karen Hayes
Daniel Franks

Gene Manheim and Julia Filippova

Gifts of $250 or more:
Lowell Grattan
Albert (Bill) and Maureen Petereson
Patrick and Mary Peterson
Freedom Works

Gifts of $100 or more:
Jon and Emily M. Cervino
Ronn and Michele Coldiron
William and Leslie Evers
Peggy S. Galeb
Warren and Merrilee Gibson
Ronald A. Howard
Kathleen O'Connell-Sundaram
H. R. and G. R. Strong
Hewlitt-Packard Company
Coalition for Redevelopment Reform

Gifts of at least $50:
Lloyd Emch
Jeremy and Helen Davis