Santa Clara University

Fall 1999 

Richard Geddes, Associate Professor of Economics, Fordham University: 
"Women's Rights to Property and Contract in America, 1776-1996"

Daniel Klein, Associate Professor of Economics, Santa Clara University: 
"Hayek and the Liberal Odyssey" (PDF format)

T.J. Rodgers, CEO, Cypress Semiconductor: 
"The Silicon Valley Story: Freedom, Economics, and Prosperity"

Winter 2000

Terrence Kealy, Professor of Clinical Biology, Cambridge University:
"Should the Government Fund Science?"

Deirdre McCloskey, Professor Human Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago: 
"What's Wrong With Being Anti-Bourgeois?" (PDF format)

James Sadowsky, SJ, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy: Fordham University:
"Is There a Libertarian Tradition in Catholic Political Thought?"

David Friedman, Professor of Economics and Law, SCU: 
"The Private Production and Enforcement of Law: Past, Present, Future" (PDF format)

Spring 2000

 Nicholas Capaldi, Professor of Law, University of Tulsa: 
"The Liberalism of John Stuart Mill"

Mark Skousen,
"The Debate over Inequality: Are the Poor Getting Richer?"

Jacques Delacroix, Professor of Organizational Analysis and Management, Santa Clara University:
"Can Protectionism Be Respectable? The Case of the Motion Pictures and Television Industries"

Jane S. Shaw, Senior Associate of the Political Economy Research Center: 
"Facts, Not Fear: From Global Warming to Recycling"

Fall 2000 

Daniel Klein, Associate Professor of Economics, SCU:
"Ten Good Reasons Not to Vote" (PDF format)
Commentary by Laurence Iannaccone: "Five Reasons to Vote Anyway" 

Laurence Iannaccone, Professor of Economics, SCU:  
"Media Monsters 101: The Myth of 'The Religious Right'"

John McWhorter, Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley: 
"Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America

Paul Weaver, Author of News and the Culture of Lying: 
How Journalism Really Works: "Why Are the Media Statist?"

Winter 2001 

John R. Lott Jr., Senior Research Scholar, Yale University Law School:
"Unintended Consequences of Gun Control" 

Donald Steadman, Professor of Chemistry, University of Denver:  
"Why Don't the EPA and the Sierra Club Support the Best Way to Reduce Auto Emissions?"

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel and John Majewski
"Should Lincoln Have Waged War? A Debate
Between Two Historians"

David Beito,  Associate Professor at the University of Alabama: 
Mutual Aid for Social Welfare"

Spring 2001 

S. Ramachandran, Economist, The World Bank:
"Global Capitalists: Sinners or Saviors?"

S. Ramachandran, Economist, The World Bank:
"Confession of a Development Bureaucrat"

Jennifer Roback Morse, Stanford Hoover Institute:
"Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family doesn't Work" (PDF format)

Laurence Iannaccone and Robert Pollini
"Debating the 'Living Wage'"

Charles Feinstein and Adrian Moore
"Debating California's Electricity Crisis" 

Fall 2001

Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow in Political Economy for the Independent Institute and the editor of The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy:
"How the New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression"

Dan Johansson, Swedish Economist:
"Social Democracy in Sweden: Visions, Perceptions, and Realities"

Erin Adrian, Santa Clara University graduate and Stanford University Law Student:
"Why Is Housing So Expensive in Silicon Valley?" (PDF format)

Winter 2002 

David Henderson, Associate Professor of Economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a Research Fellow with the Hoover Institution.  
"The Joy of Freedom: An Economist's Odyssey"

Robert Finocchio, Leavy School of Business Professor, SCU
"Silicon Valley Paradox: Why So Little Support for the Free Market Among Business Leaders?"

David Friedman, Professor of Economics and Law, SCU: 
"Future Imperfect"

Mary Ruwart, Alex Tabarrok, and Henry Miller
"The FDA: A Critical Examination"

Spring 2002

Hersh Shefrin, Jane Curry, and Jeffrey Hummel,
"U. S. Involvment in the Mideast: Three Professorss Share Their Thoughts"

Daniel Klein and William Sundstrom
"Should Americans Be Allowed to Discriminate? "
View Professor Daniel Klein's Handouts (PDF format)
View Professor William Sundstrom's Handouts (PDF format)
View Professor Klein's Rejoinder (PDF format)
View Professor Sundstrom's Rejoinder (PDF format)

Eli Berman, Professor of Economics, Boston University
"Hamas and Taliban: An Economist View of Militant Islam"

Stephen Davies, Manchester Metropolitan University
"Spencer's Law: How Causes Get Governmentalized?" (PDF format)

Fall 2002 

Mario Belotti, Henry Demmert and Jacques Delacroix,
"How My Thinking Changed" Three SCU Professors Share Their Story.

Douglas Irwin versus Lori Wallach,
"Free Trade Debate"

Gerald Scully, Professor of Economics, University of Texas, Dallas
"Economic Freedom Raises all Boats: A Global Investigation"

Samuel Gregg, resident scholar of the Acton Institute in Michigan and editor of the journal Markets and Morality
"Universal Principles for a Harmonious Globalization: Insights from Catholic Social Teaching" (PDF format)

Winter 2003

Hillel Rapaport, visiting Fellow at Stanford's Center for Research on Economic Development and Policy Reform
"The Brain Drain: Curseor Blessing for Less Developed Countries?"

Terry Anderson, Executive Director of PERC, and Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution, Stanford University
"Markets and the Environment: Friends of Foes?"

Timur Kuran, Professor of Economics and Law, and King Faisal Professor of Islamic Thought and Culture at the University of Southern California
"The Religious Undertow of Middle Eastern Economic Grievances: A Perspective on Militant Islamism" (PDF format)

Marshall Fritz and David Friedman
"School Vouchers: A Debate between Two Proponents of Separation of School and State"

Spring 2003 

Randal O'Toole, Senior economist with the Thoreau Institute
"The Costs of San Jose's Urban-Growth Boundary and Light-Rail Transit "

Robert Lawson, Professor of Economics and George H. Moor Chair in the School of Management at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio
"Economic Freedom and Human Betterment" (PDF format)

Fred Foldvary, Professor of Economics at Santa Clara University
"Abolish the IMF" (PDF format)

Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University
"How Globalization Is Changing the World's Cultures"

Fall 2003

Daniel Klein, Professor of Economics, Santa Clara University.
"Red on the Inside: Understanding Our Statist Tendencies"

Richard K. Vedder, Professor of Economics, Ohio University.
"Who Should Pay for Higher Education, the Beneficiaries or the Taxpayer?"

Robert Balling, Professor in the Department of Climatology, Arizona State University.
"A Climate of Doubt about Glomal Warming"

Tibor Machan, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, Auburn University, AL
"Is Government a Proper Instrument of Compassion and Generosity?"

Winter 2004

Judge James Gray,
"A Man Speaks on Drug Policy"

Charles Baird, Chairman and Professor of Economics, Cal State Hayward
"Labor Unions and Their Legal Privileges" (PDF format)

Spencer MacCallum,
"Freedom Island"

Clifford Thies, Eldon R. Lindsay Professor of Economics and Finance at Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia
"American Politics in Two Dimensions: Left, Right, and Libertarian" Handout (PDF format)
"American Politics in Two Dimensions: Left, Right, and Libertarian" Presentation Slides (PDF format)

Spring 2004

Ken Kam, President and CEO of Marketocracy
"Competition as a Discovery Procedure: How I Used Economics to Improve Capital Markets (and make a profit)"

View PDF of Professor Klein article on Kam's mutual fund MOFQX. (PDF format)

Lawrence White, the Friedrich A. Hayek Professor of Economic History at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.
"Abolish the Fed: The Case for Liberty in Money and Banking"

View Professor White's lecture handout (PDF format)

Lawrence Iannaccone, Koch Professor of Economics at George Mason University.
"Supply and Demand of Suicide Bombers"

Ivan Eland, Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute.
"Does the Preemptive War Strategy Really Increase U.S. Security?

Fall 2004

Benjamin Powell and Edward Stringham, San Jose University, Department of Economics.
"Government and the High Price of Housing: A Study of Bay Area Housing Markets"

David Henderson, Monterey Naval Postgraduate School.
"A Free-Market Economist's Case Against the Iraq War, Bush, and Kerry--In that Order"

Patri Friedman,
"Mission Possible: Creating New Sovereign Territory in Ocean Waters"

Tom Palmer, Cato Institute
"Heroism and the Historical Struggle for Liberty"

Winter 2005

David Friedman, Santa Clara University, Department of Economics and Law School
"Private vs Public Enforcement of Law"

Christian Wignall,
"Hong Kong Freedom" (Lecture Outline - PDF format)

Thomas Szasz,
"Psychiatry and the State: The 'Therapeutic' Assault on Liberty and Responsibility"

Randal O'Toole,
"The Costs of San Jose's Urban-Growth Boundary and Light-Rail Transit"

Fall 2005

Sharon Presley,
"American Women Resisters to Authority: Heroes in the Struggle for Libertyty"

Prof. G. Marcus Cole,
"The Social Costs of Behavioral Law"

Phil Anderson,
"Every 18 Years: The Surprisingly Predictable and Unnecessary Business Cycle"

Jeff Riggenbach,
"Drugs and the Mass Media: All the Lies That Are Fit to Print"

Winter 2006

Prof Mason Gaffney,
"What the Free Market must do with Land"

Zackaria Fellah,
"The Ideology Behind Radical Islam: The Case of Algeria (1988 - 2006)"

 Spring 2006

Fred Foldvary,
"What New Orleans could learn from the San Francisco earthquake’s 100th Anniversary: and what we can learn for recovery after the next big one!"

Lisa Snell,
"The Universal Preschool ballot proposal: Good or Bad for California?"

Daniel Klein,
"The Liberty and Justice, For Real what liberty and justice really mean"

Fall 2006

Benjamin Powell
"Sweatshop Wages and Third World Workers: Are the Jobs Worth the Sweat?"

Fred E. Foldvary
"Why Democracy Fails - and the Remedy"