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One Church, indivisible: Aimee's blog from Crete

Once every five years or so, a group of about 120 men and women, pastors, laypersons, academics, and church leaders get together to talk about the issues that still divide the churches. It's called the Faith and Order Plenary Commission, and its next meeting will take place at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece, 7-13 October 2009.oac

This year, I've been invited to go. 

And I'm writing a blog.


The Big Crete Meeting

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What will all these people be talking about?

Monday, Sep. 28, 2009

So, more than 120 people are gathering to talk about the church and its divisions. What's on the agenda? 

  • What it means to be church: Is the church a building, a group of people, a particular tradition, a worship style, a theological conviction, a type of mission work? We'll be looking at a draft of "The Nature and Mission of the Church," which was written over recent years by people from diverse Christian traditions, seeking common ground about what it means to be the church.
  • Sources of authority: It's an old argument: Scripture vs. tradition. By looking at how churches use sources of authority, the commission will take a new approach to the old debate - less theory, more real, personal stories of faith.
  • Moral discernment: How does the church make moral choices? Through case studies – some of them on controversial issues like proselytism, homosexuality and stem-cell research – the commission will critically look at how churches arrive at their moral and ethical positions.


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Annie MH said on Sep 29, 2009
Aimee! I am really excited you are doing this. I can't wait to hear what comes out of these really loaded topics.
Bob said on Oct 2, 2009
I listened to Dr. Gibaut's statement on the commission's website. This should be really exciting and interesting conversation, on some really hot topics. Did your invitation grow out of your work at Bossey? I hope you'll be able to write some articles for the Presbyterian press about the conference and about how they achieve their objectives.
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