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One Church, indivisible: Aimee's blog from Crete

Once every five years or so, a group of about 120 men and women, pastors, laypersons, academics, and church leaders get together to talk about the issues that still divide the churches. It's called the Faith and Order Plenary Commission, and its next meeting will take place at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece, 7-13 October 2009.oac

This year, I've been invited to go. 

And I'm writing a blog.


The Big Crete Meeting

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Where is Aimee going again?

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009

Check it out - there are photos of the conference center. Try not to hate me, please:

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steph said on Oct 2, 2009
WOW!!! I suppose if you must have these kinds of conversations, then a beautiful setting is essential. Have a great time, Aimee! I look forward to following you and your adventures!! HUGS!
Bob said on Oct 2, 2009
Tough duty, Aimee! If the conferees attend worship at some of the chapels in the photos, the "commute" will be even steeper than San Anselmo. What a beautiful setting. I'm looking forward to your blogs, and to reading about who you meet and what's discussed. And what they feed such a diverse group! Enjoy!
Irene said on Oct 2, 2009
trying not to hate, trying not to hate... FAILED. :)
Aimee said on Oct 3, 2009
I'm hoping we'll have a few minutes here and there to actually enjoy the beauty...but we'll see! Bob - I'm expecting at least some lovely Greek food, which I assume we will then burn off walking up to the chapels... :)
Emily E. said on Oct 4, 2009
Aimee! How incredible. I hope some of your meetings can be held outside. And I'm extremely jealous of all the Greek food you get to eat- make sure to have some spanakopita for everyone in the states! I also really look forward to hearing the thoughts discussed in the conference.
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