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Not Catholic?

You're not alone! SCU students come from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds, and the programs we offer are open to all students.

  • iconWhere can I pray on campus?

    Check out the Meditation Room conveniently located in Benson Memorial Center next to the information desk. The university is also home to Mission Santa Clara de Asís — the historic Mission Church — and the Saint Francis Chapel on its southwestern corner. A Multifaith Sanctuary is also available in St. Joseph's Hall.

  • iconWhere can I find other students like me?

    Check out the quick links on the right to connect, or click here to find out about religious

  • iconCan I participate in Campus Ministry even if I’m not Catholic?

    Yes! Campus Ministry programs are open to all SCU students, so feel free to check out any of our events!top

  • iconHow can I get involved in interfaith?

    The best way to get involved in interfaith is to attend Interfaith Dinner Discussions (Thursdays @ 6:00 p.m. in Campus Ministry on the odd weeks of the quarter - 1, 3, 5, 7, 9). Meet other students, talk about different religions, and enjoy free dinner! 

    Interfaith Dinner Discussions are sponsored by the SCU Interfaith Council, which also plans interfaith service projects each quarter. For more information, contact Jonathan Homrighausen.


  • iconWhat religions are present on campus?

    Just over 48 percent of our undergraduate student body is Roman Catholic, but  Santa Clara University is home to students, faculty and staff from many religious and philosophical backgrounds, including Bud­dhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Sikhism, and

  • iconAre all of the Campus Ministers Catholic priests?

    No—in fact, our staff and interns are not all Catholic, either. We are women and men from various backgrounds who together serve the spiritual needs of a relig­iously diverse student popula­tion.


  • iconWhat if I don't know what I believe?

    It means you’re right on schedule. College is often a time of figuring out what you believe and making your faith and practice your own. We’re here for exactly that reason—to help answer your questions and provide you with resources and direction, to listen to your doubts and struggles, to offer ways for you to live your faith in daily life, and to be a safe and non-threatening place of exploration. We think these ultimate questions are pretty important, so we’ll be with you on the journey.


  • iconHow do I find Campus Ministry?

    Our office is in the Benson Memorial Center. We have entrances outside on the patio by the fountain, or inside next to the information desk. Bring your lunch, enjoy our comfy couches, and get to know us. You are always welcome!


  • iconWhere can I find local houses of worship?

  • iconWho can I contact for more information?

    Contact Laura Brekke if you have questions or need more information about any of these opportunities, either by email or calling 408-554-5446.


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