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Engage in the spirituality of sustainability. Sign up now and participate in a daily action and reflection challenge throughout the month of October. Read, act, and contemplate on your own, or attend events and reflect with friends and other campus community members. 

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Mission Sustainable Challenge

Mission Sustainable Challenge

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Each day of the Challenge will also be included in Act On, a new mobile app designed to connect passionate people with actionable items for causes they care about. Click the red title text to learn more about Act On.

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Day 31: Troubled Waters
Calculate how much water you use when you shower and then, alter the amount. Read More »
Day 30: Recycle-->Reuse-->Reduce
Hopefully you have been saving your unwanted mail since Day 3: Discover your thneeds. Rather than continue to immediately recycle these items, we are going to move up the chain of conservation and reduce them. Read More »
Day 29: Water is Life

Watch a video made by Water is Life and learn how unsafe drinking water is one of the leading causes of death in children under 5.

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Day 28: Wish yourself the best today
Learn about ways that you can set personal goals and care for yourself: body, mind, and spirit. Read More »
Day 27: The St. Francis Pledge
Take the "St. Francis Pledge" and learn more about actions you can take to live out this pledge on the Catholic Coalition for Climate Change's website! Read More »
Day 26: Oh! The Places You'll Go
Steer yourself in a positive direction during your daily commute. Find an alternative route to work/school! Read More »
Day 25: Invest in sustainability for the developing world
Provide a microloan for sustainability solutions and economic empowerment in the developing world. Read More »
Day 24: Dirty Dozen/ Clean Fifteen

Understand which fresh produce items are most important to consume organic, and which are OK to eat non-organic while learning how to prepare a healthy meal!

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Day 23: Faith and Sustainability in Silicon Valley
Participate in today's Symposium: "Faith and Sustainability in Silicon Valley: Sharing the Vision, Building Community and Taking Action" & attend the Campus Sustainability Fair! Read More »
Day 22: Explore Nature's Lifeblood
Learn how climate change is affecting weather, and how scientists are recording and predicting California's water levels. Read More »
Day 21: Track Your Trash Habits
Gauge your consumption and trash produced throughout the day. Read More »
Day 20: Eating Low Carbon
Learn about the environmental impact of specific foods that you eat and take a short quiz that assesses your knowledge about "low carbon" foods. Read More »
Day 19: Neighborhood Clean-Up
Learn about how to properly sort waste while participating in the neighborhood cleanup! Read More »
Day 18: GMOrganic: The Big Picture
Learn that the path to truly sustainable agriculture is grey and entails the consideration of many different factors. Read More »
Day 17: Food for Thought: Annie's Inc.
Attend a talk by Shauna Sadowski, Director of Sustainability at Annie's Homegrown Inc., to learn about sustainability from a corporate perspective (and taste delicious food!). Read More »
Day 16: Discover a Green Career
Learn about opportunities to work in the green economy and how you can prepare for a green career. Read More »
Day 15: Gratitude for Food
Though the world produces enough food for all, not all have food daily. Take a moment to be grateful for what you have on your plate today. Read More »
Day 14: The K-Cup Challenge
Until an earth-friendly packaging solution is found for our K-Cup packs, the Grounds to Grow On program provides an alternative method of disposal, outside of the landfill. Read More »
Day 13: Remembering Whose Shoulders We Stand On
See our world with new eyes, remember and reflect on past travel experience. Read More »
Day 12: Think Outside the Bottle
Take back the tap - ditch the plastic water bottles and fill up with a reusable one instead. Read More »
Day 11: Roasting Brown Greenly
Learn how a small coffee roasting company reduces its carbon footprint and its customer prices. Read More »
Day 10: People's Choice for the Solar Decathlon
Be cognizant of the choices you make about the energy and water you use in your own home today and support your Bronco Solar Decathlon Team's efforts to think differently about energy use by casting your vote for SCU's Radiant House in the People's Choice Award competition . Read More »
Day 9: Living on the Minimum Wage
Limiting yourself to the recently legislated new Minimum Wage of $10.00 per hour (effective 2016 in CA pending Gov. Brown's signature as of this writing), create a hypothetical monthly budget for yourself or for your family. Read More »
Day 8: UN Scientists' Most Recent Findings in Climate Change
Learn about the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest report, released September 27th. Read More »
Day 7: Campus Recreation's Hoofprint Challenge
Campus Recreation's "Hoofprint Challenge" is a project to offset the last year's carbon emissions from club sports competitive travel (263 tons). Participate in the Hoofprint Challenge by calculating your carbon footprint. Read More »
Day 6: Connect and protect our urban natural area: Ulistac Natural Area
Reflect on your connection to nature as a child and advocate to protect the last natural space in the City of Santa Clara. Councilmembers are threatening to pave over Santa Clara's last open space, a 40-acre habitat restoration park called Ulistac Natural Area. Read More »
Day 5: Money and Human Potential
Learn the statistics of how our nation spends its resources on incarceration, rather than education. Reflect on the impact that policy choice has on all of our safety and well-being. Read More »
Day 4: Stewards of the earth
Reflect and pray on how your actions as an active Steward of Earth can shape the nature and the people around you. Read More »
Day 3: Discover your thneeds
Listen to The Lorax and think about the impact of thneeds in your life. Read More »
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