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Engage in the spirituality of sustainability. Sign up now and participate in a daily action and reflection challenge throughout the month of October. Read, act, and contemplate on your own, or attend events and reflect with friends and other campus community members. 

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Day 3: Discover your thneeds


There are many thing in life that we think we need, but are really just wants. Watch the story time video of Dr. Seuss' book, The Lorax, to understand thneeds and their larger impact.


Thneeds are the items we are drawn to, thinking we need them (the newest, the brightest, the best), but are more of an actual want. Maybe it's the newest phone, those new tennis shoes (which would bring your collection to 10), or something deeper, like needing others to see how busy you are, to feel important.

On this day, we ask you to start a pile of all the unwanted/ unnecessary mail you receive during the month. We'll come back to this pile of "thneeds" and show you what to do with it on October 30th.


1) What are your own personal thneeds in your life?
2) Where do you think they come from and what desire do they fill?
3) How can you become more aware of wants versus needs and the impacts these decisions have on our society? On our economic system?

Contributed by Lori Durako (Center for Student Leadership) and Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP)

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Lindsey said on Oct 3, 2013
I forgot how fun it is to be read to! I enjoyed listening to the narrators on my walk to work. Today, I'm thinking about every item I throw away... did I need that in the first place? How could I have avoided using it? Today's action has me thinking about how I can live more simply, starting with avoiding things I don't really need.
Satya said on Oct 15, 2013
Hi guys, I am volunteering for Sustainable Silicon Valley next to Santa Clara campus. We are looking for volunteers to support us. Would be great to connect the two efforts. Give a call
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