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Day 12: Think Outside the Bottle


"The greatest danger to our future is apathy." - Jane Goodall


Think Outside the Bottle (TOTB) at SCU promotes public water systems and challenges the misleading marketing of the bottled-water industry. For health, social, and environmental reasons, this campaign encourages tap water over bottled water. Join the TOTB campaign at SCU by checking out our Facebook page and spreading the word. 

Hear more about the "Think Outside the Bottle" Campaign.


How many plastic water bottles do you use in a week?

Have you thought about the implications of purchasing plastic water bottles?

Think about the pros and cons of switching to a reusable water bottle instead.

Contributed by Kelsey Baker (OCEANS Club and Communications Intern, Center for Sustainability)

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Janice DeMonsi said on Oct 24, 2013
I try not to consume plastic bottles but occasionally I will buy a vitamin water or Gatorade but I never use one for water.
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