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Engage in the spirituality of sustainability. Sign up now and participate in a daily action and reflection challenge throughout the month of October. Read, act, and contemplate on your own, or attend events and reflect with friends and other campus community members. 

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Day 10: People's Choice for the Solar Decathlon


"Today’s problems cannot be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them." -Albert Einstein


Often, the daily routines performed at home--showering and getting ready for work, preparing meals, washing clothes or dishes, watering plants, etc.--are conducted mindlessly. Today, be aware of your actions at home, consider the effect they have on our natural resources and the environment. Bonus Task: Support your Bronco Solar Decathletes' efforts to think differently about energy use by casting your vote for SCU's Radiant House in the People's Choice Award competition here.

The People's Choice Award provides an opportunity for the public to vote on their favorite team house. This is the first year voting will be offered exclusively online at (and accessible via QR codes on site). The award will be presented at the Victory Reception to the Solar Decathlon 2013 team with the most overall votes. The public will be able to vote online from 11 a.m. on Thurs., Oct. 3, until 11 a.m. on Fri., Oct. 11.


Santa Clara's Solar Decathlon team envisions "a future of energy independence and environmental integrity." Beyond advocating for solar energy accessibility, they are committed to making the kinds of choices that support a sustainable lifestyle. Think about the choices you make on a daily basis:

1. To solve today's problems regarding energy and water use, we need to think differently about our own accountability. How might changing your thinking provide new solutions to problems created by past behaviors?

2. Do your personal choices, habits, and practices in regard to energy and water use in your home reflect your personal values concerning stewardship of the environment and sustainability?

3. How might you better align the two?

For more about the Solar Decathlon competition, visit the website.

Contributed by Heidi Williams (School of Engineering, Dean's Office)

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