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Day 18: GMOrganic: The Big Picture


"Overwhelmingly, the way big agricultural companies are producing genetically modified foods does a lot of harm. But using science to aid our food system is not a black-and-white issue." -Mischa Nachtigal


View this infographic that breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly facts about GMOs.

Watch a 3-minute video on an interesting take on sustainable GMO agriculture and educate yourself on the issues of GMO production. Watch "A Scientist and a Farmer Fell in Love. This Is What Happened."

Read this article, "Are GMOs safe? Global Independent Science Organizations Weigh In.


Many people may resist genetically modified organisms (GMOs) because of the overwhelming push-back against GMO agriculture from a few key players in the agriculture business. Refusing to use GMOs because of a large company that genetically engineers seeds such as Monsanto, is like refusing to use a computer program (refusal due to being dissatisfied with the way Microsoft runs their application). Compared with organic agriculture, sustainable GMO production can decrease farming land and insecticide usage while increasing a farmers profit margin.

How do you want your food to be protected?

How would you like your food to be produced?

What are your concerns with genetic modification?

Contributed by Mike Sizemore (Graduate Student, School of Engineering)

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Janice DeMonsi said on Oct 18, 2013
I enjoyed the video- GMO's are hard since we do not quite know what some of them might do in the future; but up until seeing this video I have thought - they are just bad- like the growth hormones that cows are given to produce more milk- but I had no idea that some simple modify the seed with no chemicals. I want to make sure that the food I eat is save. That is my goal for my family and I - so if their is a way for GMO's to be classified as "safe - un chemical altered" and "unsure" then maybe some GMO's are okay.
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