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Day 6: Connect and protect our urban natural area: Ulistac Natural Area


"There was a child went forth every day, And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became, And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years or stretching cycles of years. The early lilacs became part of this child, And grass and white and red morning glories, and white and red clover, and the song of the phoebe-bird, And the Third-month lambs and the sow's pink-faint litter, and the mare's foal and the cow's calf, ..." - Walt Whitman

"I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are." - a fourth-grader in San Diego

Quotes can be found in Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv


Learn about Ulistac Natural Area: Ulistac is Santa Clara's only open space-a volunteer-built urban native California habitat restoration park in the City of Santa Clara. Visit the park, watch these videos [ Video 1 |  Video 2], or read a brochure

Learn about the City's proposal
Members of the Santa Clara City Council want to move the city soccer field facility away from the NFL stadium on Tasman Drive. They tasked the Dept. of Parks & Recreation to find new locations for the soccer fields and associated clubhouse and maintenance building. At a strategy session on Thursday, Sept. 12, the department presented the council with 5 options. The council narrowed it down three and asked for further work to be done. One of the three sites is Ulistac Natural Area. If the soccer facility is built at UNA, it will be a rectangle that starts just north of the Hetch Hetchy aqueduct and goes north almost all the way to the wetlands. The rectangle will also extend back almost all of the way to the levee. All that will be left will be the wetlands and the area immediately around and south of the bird and butterfly habitat garden. The stadium is supposed to become active in June 2014 and the general consensus was that the fields need to be moved before then. Any of the sites will cost around $10 Million dollars to create.  

Let the City know if you are not happy with their proposal. Please contact the City and tell them why you do not want to see the Soccer Park built at Ulistac Natural Area.

The contact details are: Mayor and Council Members of the City of Santa Clara, Santa Clara City Council 1500 Warburton Avenue Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 615-2250 Fax: (408) 241-6771

Visit Ulistac Natural Area on October 20 to participate in an event designed to show community support for protecting the open space.


How would you describe your relationship with the natural environment (parks, rivers, lakes, air, mountains, etc.) as a child? How about now?

Learn more about this advocacy project for Ulistac.

Contributed by Leslie Gray (Environmental Science & Studies Department)

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