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Remembering Mandela: Celebrating a Leader for Change, Peace, and Reconciliation

 Remembering Mandela: Celebrating a Leader for Change, Peace, and Reconciliation


Dramatic readings, music, images, and discussion

Participants include Aldo Billingslea (as Mandela), Jane Curry and Amy Randall, students, and others.

January 13, 2014 @ 7 pm | Mayer Theater

We will tell the story of Mandela through his own words, the words of those who knew him, those who fought for his dream of a South Africa unbounded by apartheid, and those who hated him. Mandela's path from rebel, to prisoner, to leader of a diverse South Africa through a peaceful transition of power, will be reenacted through dramatic readings interwoven with images, music of the protests, and the Toi Toi dance that signaled determination to fight for the cause.


Never before in history has one human being (been) so universally acknowledged in his lifetime as the embodiment of magnanimity and reconciliation as Nelson Mandela.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu
On the 95th Birthday of Nelson Mandela


This event is sponsored by Unity RLC, The Multicultural Center, Igwebuike, The Office for Multicultural Learning, the Ethnic Studies Program, The Office for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Departments of Religion, Political Science, History and Theatre and Dance.