Santa Clara University

Office for Multicultural Learning


Santa Clara University stands in the midst of American and Jesuit higher education traditions. This heritage informs Santa Clara's commitment to excellence in scholarship and teaching that serves faith through the promotion of justice. According to these traditions, academic excellence is not found in intellectual uniformity, but from a critical consideration of multiple perspectives. The Office for Multicultural Learning seeks to cultivate a campus environment that supports diverse perspectives and dialogues among individuals from varied cultural backgrounds, social classes, religious traditions, sexual orientations, disability groups, and genders.

Our goal has been to provide support for a variety of initiatives. Though varied in their target and focus, each program serves to link, highlight, or recognize differences among groups while asserting the essential unity of human experience and need. Intergroup dialogues are encouraged, not to eliminate difference, but understand and appreciate the richness multiple cultures bring to campus. Broadly conceived and deliberately defined, these programs create a culture and climate of diversity. They are crucial elements that encourage and foster an intentional multicultural campus community at Santa Clara University.



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