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Santa Clara University is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the technological capital of the modern world. We are working locally and globally to foster the use of science and technology in the creation of a more just and humane world.

The Conflict Resolution Simulation permits institutions and individuals to develop empathy by role playing the decision making process of countries or groups with whom they are experiencing conflict. For example, Israeli and Palestinians can exchange places to participate in the values, interests, and feelings of the other. Americans can role play the positions of Syrians, Iranians and Israelis to understand their perceptions. Through the use of information technology on our web site, groups and individuals can understand how the world looks from an others' perspective.

They can "visit" one another in virtual reality, crossing borders sometimes closed by governments and transcending attitudes often frozen by prejudice. They can exchange ideas in dialog and experience the frustrations and aspirations of others in an effort to change the way we think about conflict.

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