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2014 Magis Participant Applications are now closed.

If you are completing a recommendation form for a participant, please use the form here and complete it no later than Monday, January 27 at noon. Applicants will be notified of their status on Monday, January 27th via e-mail.

  • What is the Magis Retreat?

    The Magis Leadership Retreat is a weekend long retreat that offers a unique opportunity for sophomore and junior students from all across campus to come together and explore leadership in a new and innovative way. Instead of traditional skill building workshops associated with leadership development, the Magis Leadership Retreat challenges students to reflect on their personal story and how that story impacts the community around them.

    Magis, which means "more" in Latin, captures the overall purpose of this retreat. Participants will gain a greater understanding of empowerment as a foundation of leadership and they will be challenged to utilize their personal story as a tool to shape their understanding of themselves as leaders. The more participants understand their stories, the more self empowered they become, allowing them to work together toward a "greater good". We hope that in giving students the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at their story, they will become more cohesive leaders both on and off of Santa Clara's campus.

  • Who can participate?

    The retreat is open to all sophomore and junior students who are interested in spending time reflecting on their personal experiences to help guide them in becoming stronger leaders on campus. Previous leadership experience is not required.

  • What can I expect during the retreat?

    Our goal is to use different styles of learning throughout the retreat, using large group activities and discussions, small group discussions and reflections, and free time to allow for personal reflection and connecting with other leaders. Also plan on good food and a beautiful location!

  • Logistic Details

    Leaving late afternoon on Friday, February 14th and heading to the serene Sequoia Retreat Center in Ben Lomand and arriving back on campus early afternoon on Sunday, February 16th.

  • 2014 Leadership Team

    Lori Durako Coordinator and Lead Facilitator
    Erica Valle
    Student Assistant
    Libby Furrow
    Student Assistant
    Rob Smith
    Small Group Facilitator (Staff/Faculty)
    Alissa Novak
    Small Group Facilitator (Staff/Faculty)
    Michelle Salmiery
    Small Group Facilitator (Staff/Faculty)
    Dave Machado
    Small Group Facilitator (Staff/Faculty)
    Joy Young
    Small Group Facilitator (Senior)
    April Long
    Small Group Facilitator (Senior)
    Joey Eisenberg
    Small Group Facilitator (Senior)
    José Lujano
    Small Group Facilitator (Senior)

  • For More Information or Questions

    Lori Durako, Assistant Director for Student Leadership, Center for Student Leadership






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