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Voter Registration (2014)

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

Voting allows your voice to be heard and makes a measurable difference to our community. You may not think your vote counts but the people you elect into local, state, and federal offices will influence decisions about budgets, laws, and services that affect you as a student, taxpayer, and citizen. SCU has programs in place to help make the voter registration process easy and quick.

Here are some resources to help you register to vote in your state, learn how to apply (or see if you are eligible) for an absentee ballot, or get connected to your home state to learn more about specific ballot issues and regional elections.

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    Ways to register on campus:

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  • iconWhen is the Deadline for Voter Registration?

    Check out the upcoming applications by date (please note if they need to be received by or postmarked by):

    Saturday, October 6
    Alaska (Received by)
    Arkansas (Postmarked by)
    Georgia (Postmarked by)
    Mississippi (Postmarked by)
    Rhode Island (Received by)
    South Carolina (Postmarked by)
    Tennessee (Postmarked by)
    Washington (Postmarked by - please look at state requirements if first time voter)

    Tuesday, October 9
    Arizona (Postmarked by)
    Colorado (Received by)
    District of Columbia (Postmarked by)
    Florida (Postmarked by)
    Hawaii (Received by)
    Illinois (Postmarked by - please look at state requirements)
    Indiana (Postmarked by)
    Kentucky (Postmarked by)
    Louisiana (Received by)
    Michigan (Postmarked by - please look at state requirements)
    Montana (Postmarked by)
    New Mexico (Postmarked by)
    Ohio (Received by)
    Pennsylvania (Received by - please look at state requirements)
    Texas (Postmarked by)
    Utah (Postmarked by)

    Wednesday, October 10
    Missouri (Received by 5pm)
    Nebraska (Received by 5pm)

    Friday, October 12
    Idaho (Postmarked by)
    New York (Postmarked by)

    North Carolina (Received by)
    Oklahoma (Postmarked by)

    Saturday, October 13
    Delaware (Postmarked by)

    Monday, October 15
    Virginia (Received by - please look at specific state requirements)

    Tuesday, October 16
    Kansas (Postmarked by)
    Maine (Received by)
    Maryland (Postmarked by)
    Minnesota (Received by)
    Nevada (Postmarked by)
    New Jersey (Received by)
    Oregon (Postmarked by)
    West Virginia (Postmarked by)

    Wednesday, October 17
    Massachusetts (Postmarked by)
    Wyoming (Received by)

    Monday, October 22
    California (Postmarked by)
    Iowa (Postmarked by, must be received by October 27)
    South Dakota (Received by)
    Wyoming (Received by)

    Tuesday, October 23
    Connecticut (Postmarked by)

    Friday, October 26
    Alabama (Postmarked by)

    Saturday, October 27
    New Hampshire (Received by)

    Wednesday, October 31
    Vermont (Received by 5pm)

    For North Dakota voter registration deadlines, please seek state specific information.

    Note: These dates are meant to help guide you. To ensure proper registration and learn about applying for an absentee ballot, look at each state's specific voter information.

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    Tedd Vanadilok, Director of Campus Programs, Center for Student Leadership

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