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  • iconLERN Library

    The Leadership Education Resource Network (LERN) Library is a collection of books, exercises, and simulations about leadership development, programming, effective communication, conflict resolution, team building, and student life issues. Open to all students, faculty, and staff, the resources are available in Room 209 at the Locatelli Activity Center.

  • iconExperiential Training Materials

    A variety of experiential training materials for outdoor activities, team building, and initiatives are available for checkout at the Locatelli Activity Center. Materials include ropes, balls, games, and exercises.

  • iconIce Breakers

    Ice breakers are quick and efficient ways for people to get to know more about each other. Most ice breakers take 5-10 minutes as well as need little preparation and debriefing time.

    >>> Ice Breaker Ideas (PDF)

  • iconEnergizers

    If your student organization is running low on energy, use energizers to spice things up! Most energizers take 5-10 minutes and are intended for student organizations where members already know each other.

    >>> Energizer Ideas (PDF)

  • iconRetreat Sites

    Student organizations often travel to various places within the state for leadership or membership activities such as retreats and social bonding. If your organization plans to plan an off-campus retreat, you need to follow the procedure for trips (see link below).

    >>> List of Retreat Sites (PDF)
    >>> Trips Within the U.S.

  • iconFor More Information

    Lori Durako, Assistant Director for Student Leadership, Center for Student Leadership

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