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Difficult Dialogues

  • iconWhat is Difficult Dialogues?

    Difficult Dialogues is a series of panel discussions facilitated by faculty and students around current events and issues related to diversity and social justice.

  • iconWho Should Participate?

    Students interested in participating in discussions focusing on topics of diversity and social justice.

  • iconWhat Will You Learn?

    By participating in this program, students will be able to gain knowledge of a current diversity or social justice issue, hear the perspectives of others, and share their own opinions and thoughts.

  • iconHow Will You Learn It?

    The general pedagogy consists of a brief presentation by faculty and student facilitators to explain the topic and frame the conversation followed by extensive time devoted to open discussion by those in attendance.

  • iconSchedule

    Is Hollywood The Help or The Hurt for Minorities:
    Race, Class & Gender in Film & Television
    Presented by Sabeen Sandhu (Sociology) & Charlotta Kratz (Communication)
    Thursday, March 1, 3:45pm
    @ Benson Center, Parlor B

    What are the available roles for people of color and other minorities in television or film? Is having some roles "good enough" or does Hollywood have a duty to provide non-stereotypical roles for minorities? Should minority actors and actresses boycott those stereotypical roles or are they a means to an end? And who in the industry is responsible for making these decisions or does the power lie with the people?

    How to Speak Honestly without Injury
    Presented by Brian Buckley (Philosophy) & Marina Hsieh (Law)
    Tuesday, May 15, 3:45pm
    @ Benson Center, Williman Room

    The increased use of social media has led the nation to critically reflect on when freedom of expression is crossing the line to expression of hate, especially on college campuses. Are there limits to free speech? If so, where are they? Join us for a dialogue as we come to understand freedom of expression through recent events, specifically, the cyberbullying case of Tyler Clementi.

  • iconPresented By

    Center for Student Leadership
    Office for Multicultural Learning

  • iconFor More Information

    Mary Ho, Office for Multicultural Learning

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