Santa Clara University

Center for Student Leadership


  • On the 2nd floor of the Locatelli Activity Center are offices for the Center for Student Leadership (CSL) and 3 Chartered Student Organizations (CSOs). The 5 other CSOs have offices at the Benson Memorial Center and Shapell Lounge.

    Office Location
    Center for Student Leadership (CSL) Locatelli Activity Center
    Activities Programming Board (APB) Locatelli Activity Center
    Associated Student Government (ASG) Locatelli Activity Center
    Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) Locatelli Activity Center
    KSCU FM 103.3 Benson Memorial Center
    Santa Clara Review Benson Memorial Center
    The Redwood Benson Memorial Center
    The Santa Clara Benson Memorial Center
    Multicultural Center (MCC) Shapell Lounge


    LSAC Sign

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