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CSO Leader of the Month

  • iconFeatured Leader for October 2012

    While Miguel De Los Santos works with the Activities Programming Board (APB), Miguel has connected strongly with many of the other CSOs. He brings a lot of fun energy to the Center for Student Leadership office at the Locatelli Activity Center and we are excited to honor him for his work during the month of October.


    Miguel De Los Santos, Finance & Office Manager, Activities Programming Board (APB)
    Hometown: Chico, California
    Fun Fact: I am taking a tap class.
    How do you define leadership? Role model that leads by example and encourages and motivates others.

  • iconFeatured Leader for September 2012

    Michelle Tang and Feliz Moreno were selected as the CSO Leader of the Month for September due to their incredible work of leading and guiding the Multicultural Center (MCC) through changes in advisors while kicking off the year with strong collaborative programs and efforts with other student organizations.


    Michelle Tang, Director, Multicultural Center (MCC)
    Major: Environmental Science
    Fun(ny) Fact: I am learning how to sew (costume construction) right now and I am loving it! I have already made a newsboy cap, potholders, and a mask this quarter. I am going to make a traditional Viatnamese dress for my final project!
    How do you define leadership? Action and interaction.

    Feliz Moreno, Associate Director, Multicultural Center (MCC)
    Sacramento, CA
    Fun(ny) Fact: I did gymnastics for seven years when I was a kid, and yes, I can still do backflips!
    How do you define leadership? I define leadership as setting the standard both by example and in your expectations of how an organization and the people within that organization should function. I think a leader should be someone who knows how to bring the best out in others, and someone who is both self aware and in tune with others enough to know when they need to step in and when they need to step back.

  • iconFeatured Leader for May 2012

    Leandra Ebreo has been selected as the CSO Leader of the Month for May because of her work with SAPIA (Student-invitational for Asian Pacific Islander Americans) as well as for leading and guiding the Multicutural Center (MCC) executive board into a very successful year by working with club checklists and the addition of structural components to the MCC constitution to allow for better evaluation of its leaders.

    CSO Leader of the Month May

    Leandra Ebreo, Associate Director, Multicultural Center (MCC)
    Major: Political Science & Pre-Law
    Hometown: Seattle, Washington
    Fun(ny) Fact: I only like to use blue pens.
    How Do You Define Leadership? "Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow." Leandra likes this Chinese proverb because leadership requires action along with words. She truly believes in leading by example.
    What Makes a Student a Good Leader? A good student leader knows when to be serious/professional and when to have fun.

  • iconFeatured Leader for April 2012

    Gareth Morl has been selected as the CSO Leader of the Month for April because of his diligent work as the Chief Justice for the Associated Student Government (ASG) on proposing revised bylaws, helping the Election Committee interpret and enforce the election code, and leading his judicial branch with proposing an academic honor code to the UPC and Faculty Senate.

    CSO Leader of the Month April

    Gareth Morl, Chief Justice, Associated Student Government (ASG)
    Major: Philosophy & English
    Hometown: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, U.K.
    Fun(ny) Fact: Born and raised internationally.
    How Do You Define Leadership? "Quaerendo Invenietis" which roughly translates to "seek and you shall discover." This is the mantra of the company at which I work as well as a personal mantra. If one seeks to become a good leader, one will discover the traits of a good leader.

  • iconFeatured Leader for March 2012

    Ryan Selewicz has been selected as the CSO Leader of the Month for March because of devotion to The Redwood, especially the time and resources he has spent taking pictures at many events at Santa Clara and supporting his fellow CSO leaders.

    CSO Leader of the Month March

    Ryan Selewicz, Editor in Chief, The Redwood
    Major: Web Design & Engineering
    Hometown: Sacramento, California
    Fun(ny) Fact: I wake up every Thursday at 7am to deliver The Santa Clara.
    How Do You Define Leadership? A good student leader brings out the best in each staff member, encourages them to take ownership of their work, and makes sure everybody learns something. We are at a university, so it is important that each staff member gets as much value out of the experience as the university gets from their hard work.

  • iconFeatured Leader for February 2012

    Pearl Wong has been selected as the CSO Leader of the Month for February because of her leadership within SCCAP as Program Coordinator for GASPED, including planning two successful events - Rainbow Prom and "Everyone is Gay." Pearl has been described as always having a wonderful, positive, and cheery attitude towards leadership and life.

    CSO Leader of the Month February

    Pearl Wong, GASPED Program Coordinator, Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP)
    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut
    Fun(ny) Fact: I speak in meows. Meow.
    How Do You Define Leadership? I think a leader is first a listener. I've learned that there is no hard and fast rule to good leadership. Sometimes we're lucky the "right" leader was around for a certain situation. Of course, if you want a really general and really good advice on being a real leader - simply listen. And there are many people a leader should listen to. Listen to your peers, to your followers, to your mentors, to yourself, to God (if you believe in one, or any), and these are just a few examples. Listening is important because the worst trap a leader falls into is thinking that her/his ideas are the only ones s/he needs to listen to.

  • iconFeatured Leader for January 2012

    Matt Rupel is recognized for his leadership as the Editor in Chief of The Santa Clara, including maintaining a high standard for the newspaper, maturity in coverage of high-profile stories, and positive morale for his staff.

    CSO Leader of the Month January

    Matt Rupel, Editor in Chief, The Santa Clara
    Major: Communications
    Hometown: Santa Clara, California
    Fun(ny) Fact: I know every word to "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry.
    How Do You Define Leadership? "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

  • iconFeatured Leader for November 2011

    Jaennika Aniag is recognized for her commitment to stellar work organizing the Youth Empowerment Program for the Multicultural Center (MCC).

    Jaennika Aniag - November 2011

    Jaennika Aniag, Program Director
    Youth Empowerment Program, Multicultural Center (MCC)

    Major: Biology
    Hometown: Dinuba, California
    Fun(ny) Fact: I absolutely love eating the Vietnamese soup, pho! Oh, and I also love everything about Beyonce!
    How Do You Define Leadership? Leadership is having a passion for what you believe in and executing it. It's all about taking in responsibilities and being responsible of others on your team. Being a good student leader, is leading through example, staying organized, AND having fun while doing it!

  • iconFeatured Leaders for October 2011

    Lindsay Gray, Drew Hodun, Alec Molloy, Courtney Seymour and Jaclyn Sunzeri are recognized for developing and submitting a bid proposal to have Santa Clara host the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference (NJSLC) in 2013. Santa Clara earned the bid in late October and will host two summers from now.

    >>> Click here to view the 2011 NJSLC Website (Loyola University Chicago)

    CSO Leader of the Month October 2011

    Lindsay Gray, Vice President, Associated Student Government (ASG)

    Drew Hodun, Director, Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP)
    Major: Physics (major); Philosophy, Math, Religious Studies (minors)
    Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Fun(ny) Fact: My name is "werd" backwards.
    How Do You Define Leadership? Leadership is about passion, compassion, charisma, organization, and tenacity all sprinkled with a little love.

    Alec Molloy, Production Editor, Santa Clara Review
    & Design Editor, The Santa Clara

    Major: Communications (major); Religious Studies (minor)
    Hometown: London, England
    Fun(ny) Fact: My two favorite things to talk about are typography and cats.
    How Do You Define Leadership? Grace under pressure.

    Courtney Seymour, President, Associated Student Government (ASG)
    Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois
    Fun(ny) Fact: I love eating breakfast for dinner.
    How Do You Define Leadership? I define leadership as standing for something you believe in, and being able to justifiably represent that belief.

    Jaclyn Sunzeri, Director, Activities Programming Board (APB)
    Major: Psychology
    Hometown: San Jose, California
    Fun(ny) Fact: I took dance lessons for 11 years.
    How Do You Define Leadership? "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." -Steve Jobs

  • iconFeatured Leader for September 2011

    Sara Martineau, General Manager for KSCU FM 103.3 radio station, exhibited enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit during the annual CSO Training the week prior to the start of the new academic year.

    Sara Martineau

    Sara Martineau, General Manager, KSCU FM 103.3
    Major: Philosophy (with an emphasis in Ethics) and French
    Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
    Fun(ny) Fact: I had my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich two weeks ago.
    How Do You Define Leadership? "To lead people, walk behind them." -Laozi

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