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Food Service & Catering

  • iconBon Appetit

    Many events planned by student organizations serve food from as simple as refreshments to as extravagant as a full-service dinner. Food service in all buildings and at all outdoor areas is exclusively granted to Bon Appetit, which is the official dining services provider for Santa Clara.

    Below is a list of catering policies, options, and menus by Bon Appetit:

  • iconBon Appetit Menu Options

    Bon Appetit offers several types of menus to fit different needs and interests:

    • Express Catering (PDF): This option allows you to order food but save costs on delivery, set-up, and tear-down; in other words, you have to pick up the food yourself from the Bon Appetit kitchen in Benson Memorial Center.
    • Under $200 Catering (PDF): This option provides a variety of menu items for events with budgets less than $200.
    • Regular Catering Menu (PDF)
  • iconExceptions to Using Bon Appetit

    There are a few exceptions (specifically # 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7) that exist where a student organization may not be required to use Bon Appetit for food service. If your event meets one of the exceptions, then complete one of the following forms that matches the exception.

    Note: Keep in mind that by submitting either of the above forms you are not automatically approved to use other catering until Bon Appetit approves your request. However, if you are approved to use external catering, then you must remit 7.5% of the total catering costs back to Bon Appetit.

  • iconFood Cooked by Student Organizations

    Student organizations can cook their own food only for private potluck events/meetings, bake sales, and previously approved events (see previous section on exceptions to using Bon Appetit). For previously approved events, student organizations must attend a food safety meeting by Bon Appetit and may be required to cook in the Bon Appetit kitchen while supervised.

  • iconDonation of Food

    Bon Appetit policy allows only the donation of raw food items to be prepared or cooked by their staff. Donated food items that are already cooked are not permissible.

  • iconDonation of Dining Plan Points

    Students may donate points from their dining plans to student organizations. Student organizations may also plan fundraisers that accept donated points from students' dining plans. Limitations do apply.

  • iconFood Trucks

    Student organizations may request for food trucks to sell food during events at the Locatelli Activity Center. Food trucks must be arranged by Bon Appetit and must be from the approved list of trucks managed by Bon Appetit. Just like external catering, 7.5% of the total catering costs must be remitted back to Bon Appetit.

  • iconEvents with Alcohol Service

    The only events sponsored by undergraduate student organizations that are allowed to have events where alcohol is served are those that are exclusive to the senior class and that are planned by the Senior Chair of the Associated Student Government (ASG). The following form must be completed for these events:

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