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Movie License for Public Viewing

  • iconRequired Licensing Fee

    If your student organization will be showing a movie at your event, then payment of a licensing fee is required by federal law. Consult with your CSL advisor to obtain a fee quote and pay the fee if one is required.

    >>> Movie Protocol for Student Organizations

  • iconEducation Exemption

    Note: This information is adapted from a brochure titled "Film & Video Copyright Infringement" published by Swank Motion Pictures.

    Under the “Education Exemption,” copyrighted movies may be exhibited in a college without a license only if the movie exhibition is:

    • An “integral part of a class session” and is of “material assistance to the teaching content.”
    • Supervised by a teacher in a classroom.
    • Attended only by students enrolled in a registered class of an accredited nonprofit educational institution.
    • Lawfully made using a movie that has been legally produced and obtained through rental or purchase.
  • iconWhat If I Own the Movie?

    The licensing fee is still required even if you personally own the movie (i.e. DVD, BluRay, NetFlix, etc). In fact, you would need to not only pay for the licensing fee but also use the DVD sent to you by the distribution company. You cannot use your own copy of the movie.

  • iconLicensing Fee

    Your student organization would be responsible for paying the licensing fee. This fee can range from less than $100 to upwards of $800 depending on a variety of factors.

  • iconFor More Information

    Check out the following brochure published by Swank Motion Pictures, which is the main distribution company that we partner with to secure licensing rights. This brochure has an excellent FAQ section.

    >>> Film & Video Copyright Infringement (PDF)

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