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Trips Outside the U.S.

  • iconTravel Abroad Planning Deadlines

    Travel abroad by a student organization must meet the following deadlines:

    • October 15 for spring break travel, January 15 for summer travel: name of desired country (a list of multiple countries in rank order of preference is acceptable)
    • 8 weeks prior to departure: Travel Permission Application is due
    • 4 weeks prior to departure: a set of required travel documentation is due (see Travel Permission Application for details)

    Note: For the first deadline, no plans or payments should be made at that point. If your student organization incurs any costs related to the proposed trip prior to the initial approval of your country, then your student organization is liable for any cancellation and penalty fees if your country of travel gets denied.

  • iconUniversity Travel Policy & Protocol

    For any trip made in countries other than the U.S. (the U.S. is defined as the 50 states and does not include territories like the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam), student organizations need to follow the International Travel Approval Process outlined by the Global Engagement Office:

    Travel abroad must be approved at least one academic quarter in advance of the departure date.

    A general description of requirements are listed below. This is NOT a comprehensive list of requirements. View all requirements described in the two links provided above.

  • iconInternational Travel Application

    This application includes a checklist of requirements that need to be completed prior to departure. The form needs to be completed by the non-student sponsor of your trip and submitted at least one academic quarter in advance of the departure date. Your CSL advisor will complete this form and guide you through the application in a timely manner. The completed form needs to be submitted to your CSL advisor who will then forward to the Associate Provost for International Programs.

    >>> International Travel Application (Word)


    The International Travel Application must be signed by two individuals:


    The signed International Travel Application will be reviewed for approval by the Associate Provost for International Programs in consultation with the Travel Advisory Policy Committee.

  • iconParticipant Agreement Form

    For this form, every participant (students, faculty/staff advisors, other chaperones, and guests) going on the trip needs to review and sign it. Completed forms need to be submitted to your CSL advisor.

    >>> Participant Agreement Form (PDF)

  • iconVolunteer Chaperone Agreement Form

    For this form, all non-students participating in the trip must review and sign it. All non-students will receive this form from the CSL advisor. Completed forms must then be submitted back to the CSL advisor.

  • iconTrip & Off-Campus Activity Request Form

    For this form the requested information is self explanatory as it asks for detailed information about participants, destination, transportation, and lodging. Be as detailed as possible and attach all requested documents.

    >>> Trip & Off-Campus Activity Request Form (online form)

  • iconTrip Preparation Meeting

    At least 8 weeks prior to the trip, the student organizers need to meet with their CSL advisor to view a presentation about safety and travel within the country of destination. This meeting will also be time to review other necessary steps your student organization needs to take to prepare for the trip.

  • iconSafety Labels for Passports

    SCU provides labels with emergency contact information for all trip participants to affix to their passports (or keep in a personal carry item like a wallet, purse, or backpack). Print the following attachment on Avery labels #5163 (or print on regular paper and cut out individual labels).

    >>> Passport Labels (Word)

  • iconTravel Insurance & Services

    SCU provides additional travel insurance and assistance services for any university-sponsored or -funded trips. Insurance and services are provided by ACE. Please note that this insurance coverage is in addition to a traveler's own insurance policy and does have limitations. Travelers are recommended to review their own insurance policies to learn what coverage they have.

    >>> ACE Travel Assistance (website)

  • iconCountries with Travel Restrictions

    Santa Clara does not support University-sponsored travel to countries with travel restrictions placed upon them by the U.S. Department of State or other entities due to significant issues of safety, health, and/or legal risk.

    However, student organizations may submit a formal request for an exception to your CSL advisor who will then forward to the Associate Provost for International Programs for review.

    >>> Click here for instructions on how to submit an exception request AS PART OF your original International Travel Application

    >>> Click here for instructions on how to submit an exception request AFTER submitting your International Travel Application

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