Santa Clara University

Center for Student Leadership

Trips Within the U.S.

  • iconRequirements

    For any trip or off-campus activity made in the U.S. whether in California or any other parts of the country as well as U.S. territories like the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, student organizations need to complete and submit the following to their Center for Student Leadership (CSL) advisor:

    If you are not sure if your trip would require the above forms, consult with your CSL advisor to verify. Your CSL advisor is also your main point of contact as you plan your trip.

  • iconParticipant Agreement Form

    For this form, each person going on the trip needs to review, complete all sections, and sign at the end.

  • iconDriver Agreement Form

    For this form, each person who is driving needs to initial at the two designated sections and sign at the bottom.

    We no longer require drivers to attach photocopies of their driver's license, auto insurance card, and auto registration. The expectation is that the driver has valid driver documents (i.e. not expired). Remember, it is against the law to drive with expired documents!

    Also, if some or all of the drivers have filled out this form for another trip earlier in the academic year, then they do not need to do this again.

  • iconTrip & Off-Campus Activity Request Form

    For this form the requested information is self explanatory as it asks for detailed information about participants, destination, transportation, and lodging. Be as detailed as possible and attach all requested documents.

  • iconReview of Forms

    Your CSL advisor will review all submitted forms to make sure requested information are received. It is recommended that these forms are submitted to your advisor at least 3 business days prior to the trip. This will give your advisor time to review the forms and contact you if there is any missing information that needs to be submitted by anybody going on the trip.

  • iconIn Case of an Accident

    Before you go on your trip, be sure to have copies of the following documents with you (or view online using your smart phone or other internet connection). These two documents are useful in the event that your student organization gets into an accident while driving to and from your off-campus activity.

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