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The Center for Professional Development at Santa Clara University is committed to providing high quality, professional and personal education opportunities. We strive to accomplish this by providing an array of workshops and training courses that meet the divergent needs of professionals and students across the nation and abroad. The seven branches of the Center for Professional Development are:
  • mental healthMental Health

    Mental Health branch provides workshops that refresh and/or increase one’s potential in their profession and meet licensing requirements for Psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, Counselors, Nurses, and other mental health professionals. It is within the Mental Health calendar that one can find our career development workshops as well.

  • educationEducation

    The Education branch provides workshops for K12 and community college teachers and educational leaders. Through collaborations with Santa Clara Office of Education we are working on providing certificate programs that meet the needs of today’s educators and educational leaders. Workshops are also offered that meet preliminary credential requirements for graduate students seeking a preliminary teaching credential. Within the Center for Professional Development is the Academy of Blended Learning, a program we have been providing for Catholic K12 institutions.

  • career developmentAcademic/Life/Career Development

    For community members seeking to further their educational endeavors we offer Graduate School conferences to learn more about graduate programs within the School of Education and Counseling Psychology. Career development workshops are provided to help community members identify career paths that best meet their traits, characteristics, and personality.

  • parent educationParent Education

    There is no manual for raising children – however, through our Parent Education branch we hope to provide workshops that provide the tools and techniques that will help parents in developing the innate capacities and potential of their children.

  • Health EducationHealth

    This branch was initially created to meet the needs of graduate students in the Teacher Credential program at SCU, however we realize that CPR skills are valuable for anyone in the community. Therefore, we have opened up our CPR courses to SCU employees, all SCU students and community members.

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