Santa Clara University

School of Education and Counseling Psychology
Phone: 408-554-5196
Location: Loyola Hall
Room number: 140 C

Jeffrey Baerwald, S.J. Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology

Jeffrey Baerwald, S.J. joined the faculty at Santa Clara University in the Counseling Psychology Department in 2005 as an associate professor. Father Baerwald is a member of the New York Province of the Society of Jesus. He entered the Jesuits in 1981 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1989. After a year of advanced theology studies at Berkeley, CA, he began his doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. After the completion of his master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Baerwald studied for two years at Loyola University of Chicago Medical Center in the Department of Neurosurgery specializing in neuropsychology. He returned to Fordham University in 1997 to complete his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Baerwald has worked at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City as an intern and then at Cornell University Hospital in Manhattan as a post-doc in neuropsychology. Baerwald joined the faculty of Loyola College, Baltimore in 2000. During this time, he founded and served as clinical director of the Loyola Clinical Centers, a multidisciplinary ambulatory outpatient clinic serving the inner city of Baltimore. After completing his work at Loyola College, Baerwald now teaches the assessment sequence, neuropsychology and substance abuse courses.