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Terry E. Shoup Ph.D.

Interim Chair of Education

Professor Terry Shoup has been at Santa Clara University for over 20 years and served as Dean of Engineering for 13 of those years. He has also has served as Interim Dean of Education, Counseling Psychology, and Pastoral Ministries as well as two years as Interim Vice Provost for Enrollment Management. Dr. Shoup holds three degrees from Ohio State University and a degree in Pastoral Ministries from Santa Clara University. Early in his academic career, Terry Shoup led a number of academic study tours in Europe and Asia. Thus he has a longstanding interest in international education and study abroad programs. Dr. Shoup has traveled extensively word-wide and has received international awards for his research and professional service.In his spare time, Dr. Shoup is a professional jazz bass player using an instrument that he acquired during one of his trips to the Czech Republic.