Santa Clara University

School of Education and Counseling Psychology

Teacher Education, Preparation & Advanced Studies

  • iconMaster of Arts in Teaching + Teaching Credential (MATTC)

    Designed for prospective public elementary and middle school teachers (grades PK-8) or prospective public middle and high school teachers (Grades 6-12)

  • iconMaster of Arts in Interdisciplinary Education

    Designed for people interested in expanding their knowledge about the field of education, such as those involved in higher education, school programs, corporations, foundations, non‐governmental organizations, start‐up companies, and community organizations.

  • iconPreliminary Teaching Program for Catholic School Teachers

    Designed for full-time catholic school teachers credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing who would like to earn their preliminary and Clear Teaching Credential as well as a master of arts in teaching degree.
  • iconAbbreviated Preliminary Teaching Program for Catholic and Private School Teachers

    This program offers an abbreviated route for veteran Catholic and private school teachers (6 years or more of experience) to obtain a recommendation for their multiple subject or single subject preliminary teaching credential.

  • iconClear Teaching Credential

    This program is only available for currently employed Catholic school teachers and allows them to clear their preliminary multiple or single subject teaching credential.

  • iconExcellence in Catholic Education and Leadership (ExCEL)

    ExCEL is an innovative program that creates pathways for outstanding individuals to teach in K-12 Catholic Schools, while earning a Master of Arts in Teaching with a California Teaching Credential from Santa Clara University's School of Education and Counseling Psychology. The ExCEL program is a partnership between Santa Clara University (SCU) and the Dioceses of San Jose (DSJ).

Certificate Program