Santa Clara University

Emergency Operations Center

Management Team

  • Coordinate with outside agencies
  • Provide direction and control to the campus emergency organizations
  • Communicate policy direction from the policy group to the response organizations
  • Allocate scarce resources
  • Set goals for action periods
  • Monitor media coverage of disaster
  • Interface with the media
  • Coordinate sequence of events
  • Management Section Chief
  • Liaison With External Agencies Supporting the Emergency
  • EOC Safety Officer
  • EOC Security Officer
  • Information Officer
  • Community Relations
  • Media Monitoring
  • Support Staff, as required

Operations Section

  • Direct the efforts of the field response organization
  • Mitigate the disaster
  • Provide medical care to the campus community
  • Provide care and shelter to campus community, and coordinate with outside agencies like American Red Cross
  • Operations Section Chief
  • Campus Safety Representative
  • Facilities/Utilities Representation
  • Medical Representative
  • Student Life and Leadership Representative
  • Food and Shelter Representative
  • Support Staff, as required

Planning & Assessment Section

  • Determine the location and extent of campus damage
  • Evaluate and document campus conditions
  • Oversee building tagging/re-occupancy authorization
  • Organize recovery operations, including debris removal
  • Planning And Assessment Section Chief
  • Support Staff as Required

Logistics Section

  • Obtain needed resources to support the response and recovery
  • Make contracts and purchases
  • Maintain records of all contracts and purchases
  • Assign personnel to functions
  • Account for personnel safety
  • Make a shift allocation plan
  • Logistics Section Chief
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Purchasing Representative
  • Information Technology Representative
  • Support Staff, as required

Finance Section

  • Track emergency-related time and overtime
  • Track emergency-related expenses
  • Manage all claims against the University
  • Manage all claims against insurance carriers
    • Notify carriers
    • Document losses (photo/video)
    • Document business interruption costs
    • Document Workers Compensation claims
  • Logistics Section Chief
  • Finance Representatives
  • Risk Management Representative
  • Support Staff, as required
Who do I contact in an emergency?

If the emergency IS life threatening, dial 911. If the emergency is NOT life threatening, contact Campus Safety (408-554-4444).

Emergency Service Requests should be called into Facilities immediately at 408-554-4742 and select Option #1.

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