Santa Clara University

Emergency Organization

(Refer to the Santa Clara University Emergency Plan Organization Chart, ANNEX A)

The Santa Clara University Emergency Plan Organization is made up of three groups:

  1. Policy Group
  2. Emergency Operations Center
  3. Departmental Operations Centers
Responsibility and Control

The Santa Clara University Emergency Plan is under the executive and operational control of the Management Team Chief. When an emergency situation arises, The Management Team Chief will open the Emergency Operation Center, if appropriate. Santa Clara University faculty, staff, students, contractors, and equipment will be utilized to provide protection (in priority order) for:

  1. People
  2. Research animals and plants and intellectual property
  3. Equipment and facilities

Activating the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Upon activation of the EOC, persons who have been assigned to the EOC, or their alternates, will immediately report to the EOC, located in the Facilities Department Team Room, Support Services Building.

Emergency Occurrence During Non-Working Hours

There is a significant chance an emergency may occur outside regular Santa Clara University office hours.

While the structure of this plan remains precisely the same, its implementation may vary depending upon available resources and manpower until the designated officials can be notified. Until that time, however, the individuals assuming the most responsibility will be those officials/individuals of highest rank who are available at the time. These individuals should seek to follow as nearly as possible the guidelines of the plan while simultaneously making an effort to notify Santa Clara University offices of the situation so as to obtain verification or advice on their actions.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

If the emergency IS life threatening, dial 911. If the emergency is NOT life threatening, contact Campus Safety (408-554-4444).

Emergency Service Requests should be called into Facilities immediately at 408-554-4742 and select Option #1.

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