Santa Clara University


Santa Clara University is committed to protecting the welfare of its community members as well as its research and intellectual property, equipment and facilities. The university strives to minimize the impacts of emergencies and maximize the effectiveness of the campus community in responding to and recovering from their inevitable occurrences. Doing so will provide continuity of campus operations in furtherance of the university’s mission.


The Santa Clara University Emergency Plan provides the framework for response to and recovery from emergencies. The plan is designed to provide effective coordination of Santa Clara University and community resources for protecting life and property during and after emergencies. The types of emergencies planned for include earthquakes, prolonged power outages, extreme weather, fires, hazardous materials incidents, large-scale events, and protest actions. See Annex A for a more detailed threat analysis.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

If the emergency IS life threatening, dial 911. If the emergency is NOT life threatening, contact Campus Safety (408-554-4444).

Emergency Service Requests should be called into Facilities immediately at 408-554-4742 and select Option #1.

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