Santa Clara University

Policy Group

  • Makes recommendations and provide advice to the President on disaster response
  • Establishes basic policies which govern the campus emergency organization
  • Declares a campus emergency and ends a campus emergency
Responsible for establishing the basic policies that govern the campus emergency organization. Declares a Campus State of emergency when required and is the highest level of authority during the emergency.
Responsible for all academic and student life issues that surface during an emergency.
Vice President: Administration & Finance
Responsible for all business and financial issues that surface during an emergency. Ensures the campus Emergency Organization performs according to established procedures.
Vice President University Relations
Responsible for all issues related to alumni, benefactors, and friends of the university.
Director of OCM:
Responsible for strategy and actions in distributing information to the on-campus and off-campus communities.
Dean, Student Life:
Supports Provost on issues related to Student Life
Rector, Jesuit Community:
Responsibility for issues related to the Jesuit Community
EOC Liaison:
Responsible for communications between the EOC and the Policy Group.
Administrative Assistant:
Supports the Policy Group
Who do I contact in an emergency?

If the emergency IS life threatening, dial 911. If the emergency is NOT life threatening, contact Campus Safety (408-554-4444).

Emergency Service Requests should be called into Facilities immediately at 408-554-4742 and select Option #1.

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