Santa Clara University

Public Information

Santa Clara University recognizes its responsibility to provide accurate and timely information to the campus community and to the public during emergencies. Santa Clara University also recognizes its responsibility to students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff to respond to concerns about personal safety and security and to follow University policies concerning the release of personal information. During emergencies, information will be provided to the campus community through a variety of methods, including announcements in the news media, email, web pages, emergency hotlines, telephone, meetings and postings on the central bulletin boards in announced sites.

News media who arrive on campus to cover emergencies should be directed to the Press Site. Unless designated otherwise by the Information Officer, the Press Site will be the Leavey Parking Lot.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

If the emergency IS life threatening, dial 911. If the emergency is NOT life threatening, contact Campus Safety (408-554-4444).

Emergency Service Requests should be called into Facilities immediately at 408-554-4742 and select Option #1.

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